One Bad Son exists in the Crown Lands

One Bad Son

Written by Joe Taylor

November 18, 2017

One Bad Son, who came from Saskatoon, played the Phoenix and kicked some serious butt! These guys came out kicking and screaming from the opening note to the end of the show. The singer, Shane, used every inch of the stage to project his high octane energy. His mike gave him trouble every once in a while but that did not stop his projections onto the enthusiastic audience.  On guitar was Hicks, who balanced the other side of the stage with his own brand of energy of flailing and flinging around. Bassist Steve took up a lot of power stances to add to the effectiveness of the rest of the band. Then of course the drummer, KD, kept this ship flying hard through the rock space with his bombastic approach.

This band brought the entire classic element to the Rock and Roll experience. They had all the posturing of a well oiled machine and made sure everything was turned up to 11. They were high flying, hard rocking and riding free.

The band even threw in a couple of cover songs. They kicked it out with the Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer”, which is now 40 years old. Yes I am now feeling old, but not dead yet. The other song was a tribute to the great Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. One Bad Son did a killer version of “Spoonman”.

The crowd was very vivacious and left feeling satiated.  I know these guys will be back again, and if you love your hard rock, go check them out.

Here are some pictures from One Bad Son’s performance:

Opening for One Bad Son, was Crown Lands. They also brought their version of high energy to this congregation and got one hell of a reception. The near sold out crowd, gave a lot of love to these two guys. Cody was rock solid on drums and vocals. I think he just made a few hundred of new fans with his unique vocals that have a cross between Geddy Lee and Robert Plant, and he makes it look effortless. Kevin on lead guitar woke up the house with his powerful riffs and his incredible hair flipping. He does it so fast that I have yet to get a great photo of it.

They opened their set with material from their first EP, Mantra, and eventually moved to their new material from the new EP, Rise over run. What makes me proud of these guys is the fact that I watched them play a festival fill with about 25 people  this past summer to playing to a near sold out crowd at the Phoenix. They are reaching for the next level of success and are looking good doing it.

I bumped into legendary producer, Terry Brown a few months ago and he was wearing a Crown Lands T-Shirt. If that doesn’t boost your confidence as a rising musician in this city, nothing will. Keep up the amazing verve that you two are creating!

Here are some pictures from Crown Lands’ performance:

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