Gowan melts the Markham Theatre


Written by Joe Taylor

December 01, 2017

Lawrence Gowan, I think you can also call him Larry, played to a sold out show at Flato Markham Theatre this past Friday. It is a very well organized and soundful place to hear live music. Gowan came on just past 8 PM, and opened with three songs from his huge album, “Strange Animal”. He opened with, “Cosmetics”, which I thought was a perfect number to open with. He slipped into the slightly stressful, “Desperate” and came through with the marching beat of, “Guerilla Soldier”.

Larry came out with a great jacket and a black kilt to represent his origin of being Scottish, but also was happy to present himself as a proud Torontonian.  He continued his high energy with other great tunes from his albums, Lost Brotherhood and Great dirty world. He had the audience captivated from his energy from dancing on stage to standing atop his keyboard. Throughout the performance he poked fun about the GTA. Who knew he was a great comedian too. There was a special moment where he did a cover song. I went to see Styx last year and saw him do the Beatles, “I am the Walrus”. Well this night he continued the tradition and did the great song, “Tomorrow never knows”. I turned into a teenager all over again. He finished off with one of his big ones, “A Criminal Mind”, and left the stage for a short intermission.

I must now digress. Larry is a great act to watch, but he has a band that makes him look great. He had a second keyboardist, Ryan Bovaird that filled in all the parts that Larry could not do while he was entertaining us with his stage antics. On Bass was Terry Gowan, Hmmm, are you seeing a connection here? Yes Larry and Terry are brothers and they do play well together. Bob McAlpine was lead guitarist and had the showmanship of all the great 80’s rock stars out there. SATE was the woman who complemented Larry’s voice throughout the performance. She also had a serious head of hair. Keep rocking the doo, girl. Finally, Larry brought along one of his long time companions and the drummer of Styx, Todd Sucherman. Within the first few songs, I leaned towards my girlfriend and said you just have to watch this drummer, he is unreal. Then I realized who I was talking about.

Larry just finished his tour with Styx a week earlier at Casino Rama and I am so happy he brought the drummer to continue to play. He even threw in a stellar drum solo that woke up an already happy audience.  The second half of the show just ramped up the overall experience.  He went into a radical super jam and continued with songs like, “Awake the Giant”, and “Dedication”. Styx recently did a new CD and Larry decided to throw one out to us and played, “Khedive”.

Larry finished the evening off with his most popular songs, “Strange Animal” and “Moonlight Desires”. I understand the power of music and I see people doing this all the time at concerts. To see this with middle aged people, it is just a moment where we want a little bit of our youth back. It was a bunch of waning people running down to the front of the stage celebrating some great 80’s Pop songs that have never left our soul.

The part that I loved was Larry came out of the concert and spent time with any fan that wanted a photo or an autograph to commemorate the evening. We did not have to pay extra for that handshake or a selfie. He simply wanted to have some time with his fans. You could truly feel the love in the room.

Thank you, Larry.

To find out more about Larry, go to his page, http://gowan.bombplates.com/

To see the line up at Flato Markham Theatre, go to… http://www.markham.ca/wps/portal/Markham/RecreationCulture/MarkhamTheatre/!ut/p/a1/jZBRb4IwFIV_Da_tcaUV91arwaKGsYzJ-mKAoJKt1AAbf39o9rRsbvftJt-Xe-6hhmbUNPlHfcz72jX522U3Yh9pqIlcIwqWjxwyZk_zhYzuIPwReBkBFcqVP90ASMMF9DSZp_F2zaDF_3z8MhJ_-Ttqrogfh0ptnoMkScLxrl5JrrcMik–gFsRr8CNDBE1dWHJUFoCwgQHm8Fn4Ez4fHZ5QTYFC47UtNWhaquWvLdjdae-P3f3HjwMw0AOeVkVzr2S0lkPP0kn1_U0-87Ss00z1A92F3TyE-IczRk!/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?utm_campaign=redirects&utm_source=markhamtheatre.ca&utm_medium=referral


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