Nash the Slash Crowd Pleaser

Nash the Slash Crowd Pleaser

There was a gathering recently and it was for the late great Nash the Slash. Even though he left us about 4 years ago, his haunting memory is still quite alive and creeps around you like the walking dead. This gathering, at the  Super Wonder Gallery on College Street is were many people who knew Nash personally and was fortunate enough to be part of a documentary called, “And you thought you were normal”. Nash’s persona influenced everyone he met both in very similar ways as well as very intimate and exclusive ways.

This was a meeting to view some of the footage put together for a very special documentary. People like Kevin McGowan, Tim Kowalski and Kevan Byrne, Leanne Davies, just a few of the team members trying to ascend this Frankenstein to life. This is a very large monster to lift. They are hoping to raise some public funds to get this freak show to the screen.

With that said, the trailer is filled with some true Nash the Slash experts. Some of the other Rock stars that want to have Nash’s story told would be Iggy Pop, Gary Numan, and shock rocker Corpusse. Some of the other characters, that I would dub his partners in crime would be, Cameron Hawkins from FM, Micheal Waite, producer and creative consultant, photographers, Paul Till and JoJo Anderson. There were some very colourful characters speaking their minds as well. Like you needed colourful characters in a Nash the Slash Documentary, but who else would show up. Let’s start with Michael Dent who had a swear word with everything he had to say. It may be a little crude but it came as funny as fuck! You had in the trailer a great scene mixed with two of Nash’s more unbalanced friends, Toby Dammit and Kenny Syanide. As the night moved forward, we got to meet a man named Trevor Norris, who is in charge of Nash’s estate, and has donated many pieces of memorabilia to a museum in Calgary. If you have any piece of Nash’s past that you would like to donate to the museum, I will provide Trevor’e information below.

I don’t want get too into the movie; because I believe you need to see it to believe it. My girlfriend can stray away from the strange and unusual. She prefers more top 40 safe music, but she just could not turn away from this horrendous car crash of a well told story.

Part of the reason I am writing this is because I have a couple scene in this docudrama as well to inform you that this crew has worked hard for the past two years and would love it to see the light of darkness sometime next year. That is where you come in. Please help fund this movie to get finished and have one of Toronto’s favourite sons shine from the grungiest sewer pipes. Toronto had one of the great anti heroes play for us for many years, but if you never saw him, this is the chance to see a side of the Toronto music scene very few of us ever truly get to see.

To help add to the Nash the Slash museum contact Trevor Norris at

Please donate anything you have to get this awesome Documentary to surface from the sludge. You can contact Kevin McGowan at

Just some pics I thought I’d share:

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