Halloween Howl

Halloween Howl

Junction City was host to four bands that were fronted by female singers. If that was not fun enough to get through the door, each band did were a costume to add to the celebration. The place soon was filling up with its guise and ghouls! HaHa.

The first band to get on stage was Sexsmith. They were a rocker band with some pop elements to their sound. This band got things kicking off right with the opening song called, “Flesh and Blood”. They were very smart as each member dressed like a DC hero or villain. We had Scarecrow, the Riddler, Robin and fronting the band was Batgirl. The continued with the Halloween festivities with songs like, “Sex and Candy” and, “Monster”. They thrashed their young energy all over the stage. I hope this band gets smart and begins to open for other up and coming acts. They may play larger venues with enough experience.

Here are a couple pics of Sexsmith:

The next band seemed more seasoned and comfortable on stage. The leader was a young woman named Emily Mac. This woman has got some moves as she slithered across the stage enticing the viewers to keep their eyes forward. They also started the party with a Halloween treat in the form of the Eagles, “Witchy Woman”. She continued the set with a lot of sensual sounds and an attitude that had her blues songs blush a little. The guitar player kept hitting all the right grooves even though he looked like Robbie Robertson as a Spanish pimp. Maybe that is just his look. The sensual hard rocking party continued with a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold dust woman” Emily finished off the set with the great classic, “I put a spell on you”. I would love to see this band again.

Here are a couple pics of Emily Mac:

Next to hit the stage was Angora. They played a solid rocking sound. The singer was very solid and confidant hitting those harder notes. The band even had a unicorn and a gorilla in it.  They stayed to mostly original songs, and nobody seemed to be complaining. The lead singer was red, hot and horny, just look at her head. The band did have a chance to do a little shout out to Halloween with the Talking Heads song, “Psycho Killer”. She even gave a shout out to the late great Aretha Franklin. At the end of their set, a special candy giveaway took place for best costume.

Here are a couple pics of Angora:

The last act on were Queens and Kings. I don’t why they used plurals in their name since they only had one guy and one girl in the band. It seemed like a take on the White stripes if they had any talent. Their punk rock style seemed alright. It just seemed to cover up the fact that the drummer should take some lessons. They were simply loud, brash, and crappy. They went into a song I think was called, “I don’t want to live this way”, and I know I certainly do not! I looked around and saw the place slowly clear out, so I took this clue to leave myself, so I could get some extra sleep.

Here are a couple pics of Queens and Kings:

Overall, it was a very good evening.

These fans thought so:

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