Jeff Moulton- Labour of Love

Jeff Moulton- Labour of Love


Hello everyone, if you are the kind of person who works hard, and goes to the bar to let off that steam from the week, this may be the CD for you. Jeff Moulton has put together a collection of songs that fit in with the kind of crowd that likes to socialize down at the bar and get their spirits lifted by a few drinks and music to soothe the tired soul. His songs are simple and straight forward and even have that 80’s quality to it, to bring you back to your youth. If you haven’t caught him playing around town then this CD will warm you up when it is time to go out onto the town.

Songs like, “Girl like you” are perfect for the working man who needs to strut his stuff when he is looking for love in all the right or wrong places. If you name is, “Maxine”, you may be that girl in all the right and wrong places.  You may find out soon after this encounter that you have become, “The loneliest man in the world”.

Jeff has other songs that can transport you back to the days of your youth like, “Give us a Peaceful World”, where you are brought back to a time when youthful dreams were wide open and hopeful, while.”Expert in Rejection”, is a song every young man knows at least once in his life. We all know that walk of shame down that lonely, desolate and rainy street. Don’t despair because a song like, “Chillin’ Out” will set you on a cottage porch and you can just sit back and relax for a while.

Jeff finally gives us some great 80’s style songs with, “The Dance”. It has that glorious opening that has you ready to take your sweetheart out on a night on the town, while “The Killing Time’ brings back that Miami Vice sound, with its big hair, pastel colours and choppy dance moves. “The One that got away”, is the story we all know. We all had that one person in our life, well not anymore.

If you can’t catch Jeff Moulton live, and you want to go out for a social evening at your local pub, this CD will prime you for your evening out.

CD Credits:

Jeff Moulton – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica

Richard Joudrey – Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Electric Guitars

Scott Stewart – Electric Guitars

Dan O’Neil – Piano on ‘Chillin’ Out’

Brendon Burgess – Bass on ‘The Killing Time’

Recorded at Anax Junius Music, Maynooth Canada March – May 2022

Produced by Jeff Moulton and Richard Joudrey

Cover Sketch by Elyse Perry

Graphic Design by Scott Walling

Special thanks to my wife Jill, Rick Joudrey, Anne Wilde, Dan O’Neil, Scott Stewart, Elyse Perry & Brenden Burgess. Also to all the people & venues who have supported me over the years. It’s been quite the ride!

All songs © 2022 by Jeff Moulton except ‘Maxine’, ‘Lonliest Man In The World’ & ‘The Dance’ written by Brendan Flannagan, Bill Jasma & Chris Bosy, arranged by Jeff Moulton

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