Jackson Steinwall – I’ll be fine

Jackson Steinwall – I’ll be fine

From the opening note, I felt I was inside Joe Cocker’s- Feelin’ Alright, but once I heard Jackson Steinwall’s voice, the song came into focus. Bad Baby has that kind of 70’s Soul/Funk that we all love so much. It is smooth and groovy and the horns add that perfect amount of nostalgia that transports you back to a very fun time.

This is the kind of music that follows all the rules that makes 70’s soul so fantastic. Have you heard Bruno Mars latest album? The same applies here. Each note and emotion is well organized and placed just at the right moments. The next song,”Love” proves that in spades. It floats like love, it’s warm like love and it’s safe like love.

I have to admit, I love all the implications of “Good Gravy. It is fun and messy. This food fight is filled with sticky goodness with just a pinch of salt. Hey pass the mashed potatoes already, and bring a towel!

The rest of this record seems filled with a personal journey with relationships. “Don’t call” is filled with the longings you feel after a breakup. The pain of dealing with social rules and yearning you have to deal with is well versed in this song. “Hard on Myself”, seems like a continuation of that breakup, where you have to pick yourself up and brush yourself off and move forward in your life.

Well the journey continues with, “I’ll be fine”. Once you are back with renewed energy and feeling glorious again, this song will be a new little anthem in your head as you take on the world again. The middle section is filled with a peaceful contentment and is well supported by a great vocal demonstration at the end. Close friends and community are a great system to rely upon when you are ready to live your best life. Once you are ready, “Alone” is a very charming ending as it seems like a new relationship is being negotiated.

Overall this CD is perfectly made for people who love that Soul and Funk sound. It has a happy medium pace to it and every note seemed to be very thoughtful. This is a simple choice, if you enjoy the new Bruno Mars, or are into Al Green music, this should be a part of your collection.

Here is the link to Jackson’s CD- https://jacksonsteinwall.bandcamp.com/

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