Frail Fragment – E-Fragments

Frail Fragment – E-Fragments

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Baby Butter and I have been hired by Blast Toronto to review new music in the city. I hope I do an excellent job, because if I don’t I think my goose will be cooked. And yes I am feeling a little chicken about this, so go easy on me.

Hot off the press is another recording from Frail Fragments. This is their E series right after their D-Fragments series. With the opening song, “Four Walls”, I got right away this was going to be an interesting ride. This is a dark song that comes from hurt, insecurity and pain. There were remnants of early Tool in there. As I delved deeper with each cut, I began to notice a pattern emerging. It wasn’t a clear pattern, but it made me stop and visualize what this band was trying to accomplish.

Frail Fragments were living up to their name by introducing us to various types of musical genres that included Alternative, Metal, Emo, Hip Hop, and a wisp of Pop. I felt like I was watching a child finger painting. It was open and experimenting with new ideas that really haven’t been done before. “Hang Man”, felt like the weight of the world on the shoulders of the suffering, but hey included a section where they describe the game of Hang Man into the song. That was a new twist. “Rage” brought in the element of white men doing hip hop. “The last Slay ride” was a good play on words with a sad and lonely energy that felt like the end of an era.

For me the stand out track was, “Contaminated”. It has a great opening section and slowly introduces a long and torturous death, by the way of poisoning. It was the term- social distancing that stood out for me. Could this be an anthem for Covid?

“Rise and Fall”, felt like a murky sunrise of depression that kept you in bed all day as you just watched the light fade away. There are people in the world with these exact feelings.

Overall, the theme of this record is dark and moody. The finger painting energy I described is painted with mostly black and white and grey tones, with very little hints of colour. I enjoyed the way they go about the way of creating music. They have a certain fearlessness about them, that will not make them popular in mainstream music, but they play around enough to try and carve out a sound that they can truly own for themselves. Give them enough time and the focus on their finger painting experiments will come into focus.

If you want to hear this band for yourself, just go to:

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