House of the Holy

Written by Joe Taylor

July 02, 2024

Even though Hugh’s Room is now situated inside a church on Broadview Ave, it became the house of Lachy Doley. The room was packed with the converted waiting in anticipation for the throng to begin.
This Aussie band hasn’t been to Toronto for a number of years, Covid happened, remember? That will not stop the music, because it will always exist and find its way back to you. This time Lachy was excited to be playing in the new Hugh’s Room and exclaimed he loves this place even better!
Now there are a couple of things you will notice about Lachy. One his band can really play some heavy R&B. Mix this with some gospel, and hard rock and you have one heck of a mixture of great sounds. Secondly, you can’t help but notice he has a whammy bar attached to his keyboards. I understand artist have to come up with certain gimmicks to get noticed, but when Lachy starts bending notes on this keyboard, you stop and stare. It’s like listening to a jackhammer jumping through hoops at the circus.
Lachy isn’t the whole show; you still have a bass player whose bottom end sound rumbles like mighty thunder coming from the north. The drummer is a solid hitter who got his solo in near the end of the show. He isn’t flashy, but he is a musician who has complete control over his drum kit and holds the foundation to the madness that Lachy creates.
A couple of song I would like to talk about is one he started playing 9 years ago called, “Conviction”. This was a high flying gospel piece that is played with conviction. I believe what make this show so popular is simply the level of confidence this band brings to the stage.
He then went into a Steve Winwood song, I’m a Man and joked around that he hopes this is comparable to the original. Well as we thought this was done with Fervor and conviction! Ha, see what I did there…
Another cover he portrayed vey well was Booker T and the MG’s “Green Onions”. Just when you were grooving to this classic he slipped into Deep Purple’s Lazy and things took off again.
As we entered the second half of the show, the ride became wilder, to the point where at the end of a song, some random woman yelled out, JESUS! Yes this woman has just been anointed.
The ride continued with the band going in blindfolded. The decided to jam out an improve piece just to see where they could go. The audience certainly helped by clapping to help with the lift off. Oh the places this band took us…
I really love one of their last songs called, “The only cure for the blues is the blues”. Well this was a blues tune but so much more. As you know music can be a healing force and this song brought you to the Alter and you got to drink from its cup. I watched the audience react in their own manor and you could fell the change in their energy with this song.
The reason I really wanted to go to this show, was a short clip that I saw of Lachy doing Voodoo Chile on his keyboards. He told us he had to figure out a way to play this on the keyboards and keep it authentic. Well having that whammy bar on his instrument makes all the difference in the world. Mission accomplished!
The congregation left satisfied and revived.
Check out his performance of Voodoo Chile at Hugh’s Room
Lachy Doley- Voodoo Chile – YouTube
Photos of Lachy Doley by Donald Gadziola-

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