Black Suit Devil- The Eternal Sleep

Written by Joe Taylor

June 30, 2024

Black Suit Devil- The Eternal Sleep
This is the third release from Black Suit Devil. The Eternal Sleep comes at you screaming with the opening track-“Buried in You”. It feels like you are trying to escape a house on fire with its intense in your face need to be heard modern grunge sound.
Well the fun keeps on going with “Tell me Mama”. It is down and dirty, raw and gritty. It is a look at the lack of humanity into today’s world and the anger and frustration it causes.
The battle for our loss of humanity continues with a heavy ballad called “The Setting Sun”. The theme of this album seems bleak. It has a man vs machine, humanity in a cold civilization cinematic format for you to feel. Even his song “Passage has a lonely outlaw desperation to it. Compare this to Bon Jovi’s “Wanted dead or alive”, but a much grittier version.
Don’t despair, because the second half has moments of hope and a call to arms.”Let it go”, comes off as an awakening or a calling to open yourself up to the largeness within you and not back down. The tribal beats are a call to action to be the best version of you. It quickly continues with the next song, “New day sun”, as a song of hope. This can be a pivotal moment where you change the course of your personal history.
As we near the end of this journey, “The eternal sleep”, reminds me of the 90’s Black Sabbath day when Tony Martin was the lead singer. The sounds are dark and haunting and seemed to carry a weighted message. Although this dreary and foreboding song has that impending doom feeling to it carries a feeling of empowerment as well. It seems to end with the power of redemption.
So there you have it, but wait, there is one more song and it feels like a bonus track after this fateful journey. The final song is call “Shut the Punk up” and it is a tongue in cheek punk song that will have you dancing a jig. It is like a little wink and smile to let you know if you are angry, don’t worry so much and to just blow off that steam.
If you want to hear and buy this release just go to
The bonus is that Black Suit Devil will be having a launch party this Saturday July 6th at South Shore Bar in Etobicoke. 264 Browns Line. Show starts at 8pm. See you there and let’s have a Blast!

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