Harmonizing with Jay Harmony

Jay Harmony

Written by Joe Taylor

March 29, 2017

Jay Harmony started her singing career like any great soul and R&B singer, in the church.  She grew up learning all the tricks to become the singer she is today. She acknowledges that her Mother had a hand in her growth as a singer. Jay is from Jamaica and has studied different styles of singing, like Gospel, R&B, reggae, soul and her own original material. She has released two recordings, one in 2015 and 2016. Her first recording, “No giving up”, is an autobiography of her life. She did branch off earlier in life and became a teacher, but is fully back and committed to her music. She brings a lot of energy and passion to what she truly loves.

BT- What is in your future?

JH- I am looking for international fame and stardom, because I am told by a lot of people how much they enjoy my voice. I want to bring it to the world. That is my ultimate goal.

BT- So, do you want to do things that are really original music or do you want to do more commercial music. When you say you want to bring the voice to the world, does that mean you want to lean towards a more commercial life?

JH- That is an excellent point that you bring, because often the culture and real life does not sell as big as the commercial life. You go to the club and jump up and drink, but for me it involves all those things, so I am leaning towards that reality… culture, with the nice music and nice lyrics. I lean towards an overall communication of life. That is how I would like to look at it. Even though I may not be ready, the people who do may have a reason to do it. It may take them out of a jam they are in, or maybe it is something at that moment that keeps them alive.

BT- So what I am hearing is that you really want to communicate your ideas. Hopefully, your ideas where people listen to them and make decisions about life-based on your emotions.

JH- Absolutely!

BT- It may be about taking that drink or committing suicide. You can hear these lyrics and make good judgment calls.

JH- It is about making a conscious judgment because life is always an ebb and flow. Just do what you have to do. I want to transcend and it goes everywhere. That is the bottom line.

Jay Harmony and I were laughing about this being short and sweet, but I could not top the last answer. We were just two comfortable people sitting in a couple of chairs, while the media was doing their thing around us. It was like the world around us slipped away for a while and when it came back there were others doing their jobs. Just as we were wrapping up, I found out that Bono’s Mother(U2 that is), was Jay’s teacher when she was growing up. I believe this woman has been touched by some great people and she certainly has the confidence to reach the next level of her musical journey.

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