The Hard Luck gets Hard Rocked

The Hard Luck gets Hard Rocked

First let me apologize that I missed most of Drone Wolfs opening set. With that out the way, I was happily surprised to see this hard working Rock band making the most of their material. The lead singer, Matt “Duke”Dukitch, should have his middle name be “Jack”, because of his lumbering ways around stage. Just check out his photos here and you will understand. Well this guy sang with conviction and passion. There were moments I thought he emulated and later it came to me that he was channeling, Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage. I hope you guys invite me out again, so I can see your full set.

Here are some pictures from Drone Wolfs’ performance:

Young Critters were up next. I hope you took a look at my Toronto Tribute tune I recently posted on Facebook. They started their set with a funky Allman Brothers sound. The lead guitarist Nicolas Martel, you cannot look away from, because of his smooth and spastic movements on stage. Young Critters went into one of their songs, “Paradise”, and it had many different qualities to it. There was the prog element as well as a quirky surf element present. Their cover of Cage the Elephant’s, No rest for the wicked, was pretty awesome as well.

Each member has a great deal of talent. Take the bass player, Maiko Despeignes . He had a moment where you can hear the famous bass line from the song, “You can call me Al”, from Paul Simon, but added many more bars from that great moment. Drummer, Patrick Bureau, kept things in check, but would throws some runs in where they did not really belong, but they really worked. Don’t forget the fearless leader, Shaun Pouliot, who held court with his ability to change the rhythm of different musical genres.

They went into their single, “Sedate Me”, which you can view on our Facebook page. It is a straight forward rocker that has a very catchy groove. Their last song was also very rocking, but I felt if they add a horn section, it would fully bring a greater joy to this up and coming band.

Here are some pictures from Young Critters’ performance:

Jupiter Hollow. Holy Hell, Batman! These two guys came crashing into your head like and LSD bullet and took you outside of yourself. With a full on modern psychedelic screen that was filled with wormhole imagery and new alien architecture, you can now understand using Star Trek’s Transporter machine.

Their sound was a deep mix of mud and sludge mixed with high flying energy that was truly psychedelic and operatic as well. Let’s say it was kind of Marilyn Manson meets Joe Satriani meets Ozric Tentacles. The lead singer, Kenny Perry reminded me of a young Perry Farrell, totally unabashed and free, especially since his wardrobe consisted of just a pair of Calvin Klein underwear. The guitarist, Grant MacKenzie could easily switch it up with simply shredding to grooving to Metal to Space Rock mode.

I liked the moment where someone yelled to Kenny, “I like your hat”, and he replied “Thank you, I had it since I was seven years old, I’m 12 now”.  Kenny goes off and does his costume change, not as elaborate as Cher, but comes back with his real hair and a megaphone and proceeds to yell even louder than before.  By the way, you may wonder as I did, where the drummer, the bass player and the key board player was. Well as it turns out, they were not fired from the band, but instead, these two guys did it all themselves. That is pretty damn impressive since they have only been together for only two years. My review will finish with simply, Mind Blowing!

Here are some pictures from Jupiter Hollow’s performance:

With that being said, there was one more act coming out and I was feeling a little nervous, after what I just witnessed. They are called Run with Kittens. With their opening song, I can only describe it like this. It sounded like a western movie that was soaking wet from the rain and then went surfing on a short wave but was thrown into a cactus and then and went and had a bubble bath. Intensely fun stuff.  This is the kind of band that can continually throw you curve balls. They have a very high energy spirit. You just don’t know how they were going to segue into the next piece of the song, but they keep you incredibly engaged.

These guys did a Joni Mitchell cover song that would give Joni wonderful nightmares. There was a time were the bouncy singer was playing a drum and the keyboards at the same time. What I loved about this band was that they were filled an endless amount of quirky sounds that kept the party alive. It was kind of like Max Webster having ADD while doing crack.

Here are some pictures from Run with Kittens’ performance:

Here is a video clip of a Run With Kittens performance:

Stark Applause is continuing to add musical value to the Toronto scene. I urge you to find Serge on Facebook and test your musical openness and find some new sounds from these up and coming bands. Oh by the way, I have to do a quick shout to Eric Kovalevskyy, who actually did a comic book, based on this particular show.

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