Kelly Prescott – EP

Kelly Prescott

Written by Joe Taylor

July 03, 2017

When Kelly Prescott opens up her mouth to sing, you instantly understand she was born to sing Country music. She is the third generation of musical talent. Not only does she grasp the essence of the Country sound, both new and old school, it truly feels Canadian. Her new EP, Hillbilly Jewels, is full sounding but has a laid back quality to it. The musicians are lush and Kelly’s songwriting sits comfortably in your lap.

Her opening song, Hillbilly Jewel is a slow monster that tells the world that Kelly has arrived. The song seems to be a biography of how she got this far, and that she is going to go farther. This girl is not going away anytime soon.

The next song, Grin and wear it, is a song of maturing into a new stage of life. In this case a new marriage. She truly stands by her man with a ton of conviction, because she is willing to lose friends over this union. You can feel the happiness of this unification in this song and if you disagree, you can kiss her past, goodbye.

The next song has a longing that most everybody goes through. “Losing my Hometown”, is a love letter to a place where one grows up and has beautiful memories. Sometimes life changes and you have to move on. For anyone who had to endure digging up your roots and going somewhere new and possibly frighteningly unknown, this song may just bring a tear to your eye.

Battle Road explores a relationship that is going through some tough times. It steps up to bat and lets you know the rocky road you are about to travel especially when you are deep into a relationship. Some days you just don’t know who your partner is anymore. I believe the punk rock band, The Clash said it best with, Should I stay or should I go.

The final song on this lavish Ep is, Coming home to you. It is a slow warm hug that will wake you up in your coldest moment. The slow anticipation lifts your soul and puts it in a peaceful place.

Kelly’s smoky vocals and honest lyrics can turn just about anybody into a Country fan. I was never one to grow up with much Country music, but this disc has been spinning with me, ever since Kelly gave it to me.

To Kelly, keep on creating and do Canada proud.

Here are some pictures of Kelly Prescott:

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