Getting Lucky on the Danforth!

Getting Lucky on the Danforth!

It’s too bad if you don’t go to Blast Toronto’s Facebook page and see what events are being presented at Press Vinyl Café. You are missing out on an evening of new music that may add on to your musical repertoire.  This happens every Wednesday night at Press Vinyl Café at 2442 Danforth Ave at 7pm.

The latest installment was met by two acts. The first act was named Robin Vaughan who is a friend of the Band Lucky Pennies. This is a guy who just wanted to get on stage and share his passion for nostalgic music. He did very well by taking us on a journey of music from different eras and popular styles. Here is a short list of what he played for us.

He started with some Billy Bragg and Wilco and then jumped into a time capsule and took us back to 1959 and played the Everly Brothers. We came back to Canada on a Carefree Highway with Gordon Lightfoot. We then went to the Country with Merle Haggard and then fell in love with a Nora Jones’ song. We finally got dumped into the Great Big Sea. This is a man with an acoustic guitar and a mission to fill your soul with music from all kinds of eras, and the audience ate it up.

Here are some images of Robin Vaughan:

Very soon The Lucky Pennies hit the stage with an instrumental opening. The easiest way I could describe them is Folkabilly happiness. They have 3 singers who write different catchy tunes. Early in their set they sang about the nostalgia of old movie theatres, that just brought me back to the Fox Theatre on Queen St East who just celebrated 110 years.

Their laid back style of humour was very noticeable as they kidded with each other on stage. They even love to shameless plug themselves about their music on YouTube. Their openness even brought in comments from the audience so everyone was welcome to throw out their levity.

They did play another instrumental that sounded like a waltz but had an Irish flavour to it. It was like getting a bit of the Bailey’s in your coffee: Subtle and Sweet. In fact as I was digging deeper into their sound, I can now say it had a Folk Country Appalachian happiness to it, where the moonshine was sentimental and you still own all of your teeth. No banjos allowed. I would even say that their entire sound was built on positive vibrations. Their song, “Here today”, is a song built on having no regrets. If you follow the philosophy of living in the present, you will enjoy this one. No regrets here.

Although their original songs are wonderful, I fell in love with their version of Get your kicks on Route 66. Somehow the mike was placed a little too far away and the lap steel player had to stand up when he was singing the song. This new movement really tied the whole show together watching him struggle like a pro to nail this song…and he did!

After all that happiness the band left us in a melancholy mood by singing about No Coffee,No Booze,No Cigarettes. It didn’t matter at all, the crowd walked away with smiles on their faces and a few more records under their arms. Yes the concert did take place in a record store. So if you decide to come out to Press Vinyl Café for an evening of music, bring a few bucks, and a few lucky pennies because this store has some pretty original vinyl. I saw the first Triumph record with original cover and a Camel album that I have never seen before. Only Positive vibes in this place!

Here are some images of the Lucky Pennies:

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