Gail Gunnis talks about Dirty Roosters

Gail Gunnis talks about Dirty Roosters

I had a chance to sit down with Gail Gunnis who fronts a band called the Dirty Roosters and if you are thinking what I am thinking you can take their band name anyway you want. After all it is a fine name for a Blues band. The idea came from the Sax player, Paul Kidd who plays his instrument in a dirty kind of way. The beginning of this band started 16 years ago at a jam session where Gail and her now partner of 16 years Fabio Paravol began their musical sojourn. Like most musicians, they had to play with a variety of different players until the core of a long lasting band began to gel.  This primordial ooze took 6 years to finally develop into what was to become the Dirty Roosters.

It has been a ten year pilgrimage and the dirty Rooster can say they are a solid Blues band with a touch of R&B. They even start their shows in the traditional Blues way by opening with an instrumental to warm up the crowd before the singer kicks things off.  I am listening to their CD while I write this and I definitely hear the R&B influence. I can hear a little Tina Turner and a little Bonnie Raitt in there.

This is a band that you will find out on the local circuit because they love playing intimate venues and festivals.  You can find them all over Toronto and Southern Ontario, like Burlington, Hamilton and Orangeville. Amongst their favourites, the Port Credit festival in September is one of their cherished places to play. They told me the story of finding Goldenfield Brewery. It was a hidden gem in their neighbourhood, so they went in to try their tasty beverages and suggested that they should have some live music in a place like this. The idea worked and now they a have monthly residency in a brewery. I am going to let the cat out of the bag here. Go to the May 11th show at Goldenfield because they invited the Downchild’s Sax player Pat Carey to come out and play with them.  That’s two horns for the price of one, and the price is right.

Speaking of Pat Carey, he is the man who not only produced the Dirty roosters CD, but played on a few tracks as well. This Cd is filled with soulful blues covers. What I really enjoy about these choices is that they did not go with the typical blues standards, but dug deeper and found some obscure baubles. They covered underground artists like Solomon Burke, Clarence Carter and Rufus Thomas. This is a highly delightful listen. I hope they bring copies to their shows so you can enjoy these little treasures.

One of the nicest things we talked about in this interview was that this band will go into Sunnybrook and play for the Vets. These are very important moments for people who don’t go out to see live music. I have seen and read about musicians play for people with Dementia and other issues that keep them away from music, so to have it played for them is a very generous way of spending your energy on. The power of music is something I truly believe in and to share it with people is a powerful way of giving life to somebody else.

I asked what keeps this band going and the answer is similar to them giving of themselves at Sunnybrook. The ability to play with other talented musicians is so important to being present and sharing that kind of creativity is so important to keep yourselves refreshed and vital. This is one of the true testaments of why band could have longevity in the music field. This is one of the main components for musical community. Not only do you need an audience but to have the players in a joyful mood brings everything together and keeps the community harmonious and sound.

Here are some images of Gail Gunnis:

It’s time to experience this band for yourself.

Where: Goldenfield Brewery, 71 Sunrise Ave, 3-6pm May 11, 2024

Photo Credit Taken at: Sauce on the Danforth, 1376 Danforth Ave, 647-748-1376

Another great place to see live music.

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