Gary LaRocca Celebrates New Music

Gary LaRocca

Written by Joe Taylor

June 16, 2024

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to review Gary LaRocca’s newest release- Reclamation. Just go back a little bit on our website and look up CD Reviews. Well I was lucky again to go and see him perform his latest music at Hugh’s Rooms to a roomful of dedicated listeners. Some people drove for hours just to come to this show.
The show opened with aboriginal chanting, and it felt as if the space was being cleared for warm spirits to come in and share this space. The first tune was glowing as if you were personally invited into Gary’s home. Gary brought along three talented musicians to play with him on some of the songs. We had Tim Bovaconti on Guitar, and Paul Brennan on Drums and Fabian Skidmore, on Bass Guitar. Normally, Gary is a solo artist, so to have these quality musicians play with him was a treat not only to Gary but everyone in the room. The new dimension of sound was inspiring.
Most of Gary’s music is instrumental but he did sing one called “Wind Talkin” and it had a Tom Waits energy to it. It was a deep and haunting piece that came from the depths of somebody’s soul. When he decided to play a piece with some fuzzy tones to it, I couldn’t help but feel he was channeling Neil Young during those moments. Not as loud and raw, but it had a gentler side to it. Other moments felt as if you were having a long lazy day down by the lake with a smoke and you very special blend of lemonade. In fact, I can honestly say most of his sounds are rural and have a very natural way of being.
This was the kind of show you could expect at a friend’s cottage. It was so easy, and the room felt like it was just filled with friends. In fact, someone from the audience brought up a beer and left it on stage so Gary wouldn’t go thirsty. As the show got a little deeper, his style of playing went the same way. His pieces were getting jazzier, and the emotions were running deeper. If you ever listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan when he really slowed downed and played, you can hear every emotion in each of his notes. Gary was definitely emulating that style of playing.
By the time he came back on for his second set, the slow jazz was getting a little more psychedelic and was knocking on certain spiritual doors. It was like he started off with almost pop sounds at the beginning of the show and now you were lost in a world you didn’t intend on leaving, but you had to leave eventually. That moment came when he did the song, “So lonesome I could cry”.
Don’t cry just yet, the band came back on and really finished the show of well with Neil Young’s- “Cowgirl in the Sand” which brought the adoration of the crowd to wail with delight at this Canadian classic. He then went in another classic- “Midnight Special” which just added to how special this night was. Gary finished the evening off perfectly playing Link Wray’s big song- “Rumble”. Not only did he honour his indigenous heritage but honoured Canadians with this huge piece of music.
If you would like to get a copy of Gary’s new release all you have to do is hit this link to his Bandcamp site.

Reclamation | Gary LaRocca (

Here are images from Gary LaRocca’s show

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  1. Gary LaRocca

    Thanks so much for the reviews. Great to have you at the show!!!


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