Gary La Rocca- Reclamation

Gary La Rocca- Reclamation

With a haunting chant, Gary La Rocca begins his mystic journey into the realm of openness and healing and some of the characters that helped developed his life. The music is built on instrumental ideas that tell stories and leave the mood open to your interpretation. Rosewood Ramble for example has a very gentle and light hearted nature with a sense of good pop that has almost a Beatles quality to it.

Wind Talkin’ is the only song with lyrics and you can’t help but hear Leonard Cohen when Gary is painting his picture of solidarity. He moves back to instrumentals with Eli. It seems to be about someone close with a sense of lightness and open spirit. Whoever this is, they seem happy and connected. It is a very warm tribute.

The hottest topic in Canadian society is how we are going to face reclamation. How are we going to receive it? With this piece, Gary comes from a place of meditative hopefulness and a state of calm that we all search out in this life. It is just one more opinion in this very complex situation.

Gary seems to search out the gentler side of hard topics, like Requiem. This usually conjures up a sense of dread and darkness, but again this requiem has more of a letting go quality vs. the holding onto darkness that I am use to hearing.

Pastora is very pastel to me. It is colourful and gentle and pensive. For me is it those moments of just sitting in nature and letting the surrounding hand you that sense of unity. While the next piece, Ruby, has these odd shifts in the structure that throws your balance of a bit. Yet it still retins its full harmonious nature. I have to admit this is probably my favourite piece because it is a little off kilter.

As we near the end of this CD, Azure, stands as a mystical piece, similar to Stevie Ray Vaughan when he noodles on his guitar to Riviera Paradise. It is a  spacey trip into your personal metaphysical realm.

Gary finishes off where he started in the style of Neil young doing Hey Hey My My… the gentle opening piece is now electrified and showing off its muscle. I told you this was a complicated topic, with many different ways of seeing the same outcome. It seems to be more of a statement on how do we get there.

Please go grab yourself a copy of this CD and then go see it live at Hugh’s Room on June 15th. Get your tickets now to see this music live and feel the vibe of this rising star.

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