Candy is Dandy, but Mandy does it better

Candy is Dandy, but Mandy does it better

As you know Toronto is always changing for better or worse, usually worse. This story is how Toronto is changing for the better and its location is at Danforth and Broadview. It is a new business called The Epochal Imp. It is an eclectic space that has its own unique vibe. Before we get deep inside this bat cave, I want to introduce the person who is organizing the entertainment that will be going on inside these castle walls.

Her name is Mandy Goodhandy and she has been both entertaining us and working with entertainers for most of her wonderful life. Her humble beginnings started off at Sheraton College and moved into Summerstock, Cabaret and Theatre. Mandy then went on to owning her own club and that is where you can really develop your people skills. Your place has to have an atmosphere that represents not only you, the owner but helps people feel comfortable, like this is their place too. The key to creating a good party is to make everyone welcome so they keep coming back for more.

Working at The Imp, she needs to balance out the kinds of acts that come to perform here. It has that coffee style feel to it. So you won’t find big bands playing anytime here.  I asked Mandy could you describe the Imp to people and when they arrived they would say, yes this is how she described it. Although it was a good question, she declined because she said; it will mean different things to different people. There are so many elements to this place; it holds its own particular charisma. When you arrive at the Imp, you will quickly notice that the place also has a strong library vibe, where you can just sit and read any book, and if you like it you can purchase it for a very reasonable price. Richard the owner, would love to have authors come into his space and do book launches. This would be an amazing place for that. It practically sells itself. So anyone with a book coming out soon, you should contact Richard to start your very successful book launch.

One of the reasons Mandy was chosen for the job, is she is a woman about town. She is always out and meeting new people, whether it is a musician, comedian, theatre or poet. She has her own catalog of people to choose from to bring in and keep this place alive and fresh at night. During the day, the atmosphere is quite different. It is quiet for people who want to sit and read, or work on their laptop and have a coffee and a treat. It feels like the perfect blend of a library mixed with a coffee shop. Hell, if you are having a power meeting and need to celebrate with a cocktail, you can do that too.

I asked Mandy about the name and as it turns out it is mostly an anagram of a combination of camel and hippo, which you will find throughout this hangout. The idea behind the name Epochal is by definition, the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of anything. The imp is just a fun character that represents the nature of this business. When you are inside this place, the name suits it completely. I have not been in a place like this before.

I was curious about how they are going to schedule certain nights for people to come out. Mandy has thought of Friday night to be either music or comedy night. Other ideas that they are organizing are, Trivia nights, movie nights, games night. They have a shelf worth of games that you can pull out and just play with your friends.

This is a new place you should come and explore. It is just across from Broadview station at 123 Danforth Ave. It sits among other excellent businesses within doors of each other. Let’s say you have tickets to a show at the Danforth music hall and you wanted to meet friends and have a drink before you go in. Give the Imp a try; it will really prep you for your show. If you love books you may find something very unique here, because most of the books come from the owner’s private collection. This may be the place to find new comedians. This is definitely the place to chill with friends and go retro and play some board games again. There are plenty of things to do in a place that is very hard to describe. When you do show up, please leave a review on Blast Toronto’s directory and see how many different responses you will read.

Here are a couple images of Mandy Goodhandy:

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