Black Suit Devil’s CD Release Party

Written by Joe Taylor

July 08, 2024

If you haven’t heard about Black Suit Devil before, you will start hearing about this band now. They just released their third album this weekend at South Shore Bar and Grill on Brown’s line. I asked Andy who is the lead singer for this band, why did you choose this place? He simply said that the people here are warm and inviting and really believe in the music scene.

I have to admit the place did feel warm and inviting and the place was ready to listen to some new music. He invited a video crew along to tape this occasion. I will let you know when it is up so if you missed this party, you will have a chance to see it later.

The band opened with a song off their first album, called, “Blind Man”.  They went to the second song off their second album and continued to keep us in the dark about their new project. It didn’t matter because these hard folk songs carried some deep messages that penetrated the audience and kept them engaged.

The one that struck me was “Carry On”, a song really about honouring the passing of a loved one. You are not truly appreciative of   the love that someone gives you and then after their passing your life becomes empty and meaningless. It is about carrying their spirit with you and holding on to what is special about your relationship with them. These are well thought out songs.

Well we finally began to move into the new material and the first song was called, “Buried in you”. The band seem to switch gears quickly from a folksy rock band and got grungy with this very hard song that I can only describe as Alice in Chains reborn. This is a much more aggressive approach as the songs were living a much more frustrated way of being.  This band is trying out new directions and staying to the core of their truth. I really love that in a band.

Even though they were presenting their new album this night, it didn’t stop them from trying out a couple of new song completely unrecorded and fresh. This band has a lot to say, so shut up and listen.

What really stands out for this band is Andy’s gritty and passionate voice. It has a unique timbre that really resonates and fills a room when he is releasing his ideas onto an audience. If you are into vocal styles like Janis Joplin of Layne Stanley from Alice in Chains, this is a band you have to listen to.

They have three albums out now, so you have a little catching up to do if this is the first time you are hearing about these guys.

Here are some photos of Black Suit Devil

Andy was generous enough to invite a friend to open the night before his set.  His name is Josh Taerk and he brought his brother Ryan to sing along. These two brothers work really well together as an accompanying guitarists and harmonizing vocalists.

They also chose the road less travelled and decided to sing only their original songs. This is a risky move in a bar setting, but the crowd stayed attentive and really seem to enjoy these original songs. For me the highlights were a song called “Hold on Virginia”.  It is a really catchy tune, but I had this strange feeling this song had a little edge of a spaghetti western theme to it with a built in sea shanty chant., But that is just my warped imagination at work. The song that really stood out to be a possible hit was an unreleased song called” Tightrope”. Josh told his story about how people told him that  his lifestyle as a musician is a tough life. All life is tough; it only becomes really tough when you are doing something you have no passion about. I got that message loud and clear. Your true worth is your life experiences not what you have in your wallet.

Once I heard this song, I knew it was special, because he slipped in Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road, and it has enough openness to it that this song still has a lot of potential to grow into something huge. I don’t say that lightly.

Here are Josh and Ryan in action

 These are two wonderful acts with an originality that Toronto should adopt. If you want to learn more about these artists go to…

Black Suit Devil

Josh Taerk | Official Website

Oh and for a great meal with terrific bands check out South Shore Bar and Grill at Etobicoke Bar and Restaurant | South Shore Bar and Grill | Toronto

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