The evolution of a Neon Nostalgic party – Sounds of Leslieville & Riverside

Written by Joe Taylor

July 07, 2024

Last weekend was the Sounds of Leslieville & Riverside, held from July 5-7 at Jimmie Simpson Park. Jojo and Lawrence were there to report.

– Lawrence Belanger, Contributing Editor

Jul. 6 – Jimmie Simpson Park is the place for the Sounds of Leslieville this weekend. It is hosting all kinds of different styles of music, like Big Band Music, Pop Music, Blues Music and Soul.

Neon Nostalgic played the final spot on Friday night but they had to work for it. The afternoon act was a Big band that played all the great standards from the 30’s to the 50’s. Let’s just say Duke Ellington was in the house and the crowd was laid back and totally fine with that. At dinner a pop disco band came on and tried to get the crowd up and dancing, but this was a chilled out jazz crowd.

At 9:00 Neon Nostalgic hit the stage and wanted Friday night to really liven up, but there was still a lot of grass between them and the audience. They opened with the 80’s Simple Minds classic,”Don’t forget about me”, and continued with hit after 80’s hit. Things were looking a little dire because the only one on the dance floor was a dude who clearly had plenty to drink wobbled around in front of the band and even took up his version of pole dancing.

This was entertaining on to itself, but it was not the way Neon Nostalgic intended their party to unfold. So Sean, the lead singer took it upon himself to come off the stage and get into everybody’s face while he sang Queen’s “Under Pressure”. Now the crowd was waking up! He took it a step further and got people to move forward to the fun heavy metal anthem from Twisted Sister, “We’re not going to take it”! People finally walked towards the stage while belting out this song of rebellion from their childhood.

Now this party was in full swing as that patch of grass was filling up with people who wanted to hear  other great songs like, The Tragically Hip, “Blow at high dough”, The Clash, “Should I stay or should I go”, and The Foo Fighters, “Learning to fly”.

The band solidified their presence by coming back into the audience, two guitars and the singer, and belted out Bruce Springsteen’s, “Dancing in the Dark”. Well we had a full on crowd dancing in the dark. They returned to the stage triumphantly and continued the party with such hits like, “Panama’, Rock and Roll all night”, and “Take on me”.

Well the night finished off well except the band was called back on stage for a 3 song encore. People danced to “Jesse’s Girl”, rocked out to “I want you to want me”, and listened quietly to Green Day’s, Good Riddance”.

This was one hell of a good party, so I posted some photos of people I like to call my Blasted Fans and added them to my Facebook page. So go over there and see if you made my wall of fame!

Here are a few photos of the band Neon Nostalgic:

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