Art Griffin – The Venus Variations

Art Griffin

Written by Joe Taylor

November 16, 2020


Art Griffin, one of Toronto’s premiere Prog Rockers comes out with some new sounds that all of us need at this moment.  Of course I am speaking of our uncertain times with Covid, job loss, social and spiritual distancing. These are the real stresses we face daily these days.  Well Art seems to have dug himself away and really worked diligently to come up with a solution for some of us. He released, The Venus Variations.

His new work has a New Age sound and contains some beautifully transcendent psychedelic touches. The consistency of the CD is wonderfully fluid and is more calming than a dozen cups of chamomile tea. This would be the perfect CD to put on when stress is taking over and you just need to put yourself in for a divine realignment.  It is time well spent at the mystical spa.

The opening song, “At home with the Cosmos”, is a solid title for the hyperbaric chamber you are about to enter. It comes in the form of a light and spacey jazz mist to get lost in the comfort of your home. Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.

A little metaphysical time travel is now on the menu with, “I remember you from tomorrow”. Its meditative context that mellows time and refrains it into a dwelling where only dreams flourish.

“World of Wonder”, lets you sink a little deeper into its ever unfolding sense of soothing sanctification where a beautiful universe of speculation is awakening. You have now reached a place where the world has melted away and your burden is painless.

“Venus Variations No 1”, Is a delightful smile of spacey jazz pop. It is filled with all the healthy ingredients of that New Age goodness. Why, “They’re Great!

“Everywhen”, starts off as a lovely conversation between the guitar and the violin and it’s taken place of beauty and calm, like next to a creek, or overlooking a vineyard. This you time to unwind, so I will leave the wonderful setting up to your imagination.

I like the twist on “Jovian Raindance”.  It seems this one becomes somewhat of an unorthodox ritual. The slow conjuring invigorates a seamless connection into universal properties and proportions that only your being can openly engage in. This is a moment of surrender and enlightenment. The violin solo is one of the best guides you can have for this sojourn.

“Starliner” is that beautiful moment right before you awaken. It is a nice return to your senses, except you are now larger and more open. The energy of this space is very much like how this all started. This is a perfect wake up call, with renewed freshness and a calmness to battle chaos and immaterial fatigue.

The Venus Variations are one of those CD that you only have to pay for once, but it really is like going back to the Spa again and again. Art Griffin’s vision and imagination can have full on conversations with you without using a single word. With all the negative words thrown around today, I believe Art is on the right path with a lot to say. The Venus Variations simply should be in everybody’s music collection for when the world becomes too loud for you.

You can find it here at

released August 7, 2020

Art Griffin : Guitar , Bass, Keyboards ,
Electronic Realizations for Percussion
Kelly Kereliuk : Guitar
Victoria Yeh : Electric Violin

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