Andre Pettipas and the Giants- Under Control

Written by Baby Butter

July 05, 2024

Written by Baby Butter
Andre Pettipas and the Giants have laid their very first egg and now it’s out there for all to enjoy. I plucked a little history out of them. They are huge Tragically Hip fans and they made sure they recorded this album in the same studio as the Hip. It was done at the Bathouse in Bath Ontario. If you look at the photos, they are of the Bathouse. That is how excited they were to record there.
The album itself is a high energy rocker geared for the young or the young at heart. With my plucky ears, I could hear some Our Lady Peace for the vocals and rock element, Avril Lavigne for the skater punk sound with a hint of east coast rock. This band is really out to hit the mark, hence the photo of me and a dartboard.
They songs are meant to just get your youthful energy out. Songs, like “Sin City” rocks hard and “Monumental Health” is a good head banger with all the right anthem like hooks.
In fact, that is what makes this album so likeable. It contains all the right hooks to keep you feeling fine. “Knock em Dead”, is a really good screamer with a reggae vibe to it. “Sugar in your coffee”, has some cool jackhammer drummer to keep that caffeine running through your veins.
“Definition of a Dweeb”, is a fun and quirky song about that famous hair that you touted in high school. Trust me 20 years from now you will put that song on and begin laughing at yourself for the deep belief you had in your hairstyle.
That is the kind of style Andre puts into this recording. Don’t take life too seriously, have fun along the way and learn to follow the path that you choose in life. In fact if you learn how to strut to this album, it is a great way to pick up chicks.
Check out their website at Andre Pettipas and The Giants

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