Accept No Singer

Accept No Singer

Accept has been Rocking for over 40 years and has toured all over the world. Toronto was lucky enough to have them in our great city but with one new Accept-ion… The lead singer blew out his vocals and the doctors would not let him perform that night. The band came out very apologetic and let us down. They did not want to send us home, so instead they asked us to sing along with the band. So we got our Metal shit together and everyone gave it their all! They opened with Restless and Wild! This is going well so far.

The set list only got better because a real fan would recognize that Accept were sticking to the classic early albums. Third song in, they gave us Midnight Mover which then slid into a riffed based medley of classics such as Flash Rockin’ Man ,Losers and Winners and Neon Nights.

The real fun happened when you heard that opening bit that got the crowd sing Hi-De-Hi-Ho-De-Dum, then you simply get assaulting with their speed demon song, Fast as a Shark! After you exhausted yourself with that classic we sang our loyalty to the larger than life, Metal Heart, which had one of the most intense drums solos to finish off the song.

The band finally went into some newer material with Tectonic Terror and Pandemic and still got the crazy reaction they were looking for. The new stuff is still as great as the old stuff.

I would like to add, being one of the photographers in the pit, we are suppose to act accordingly and shoot the show and let the audience revel in the craziness. This was not the case, myself and the other photographers took advantage of this moment and Rocked out as hard as the audience, and you could clearly see the band had no problems having fun in front of our cameras and letting us enjoy the show with everyone else.

The big finish came…. When we had to put our Balls to the Wall! The energy in the room was amazing and we all sang our hearts out and let the band know with or without a lead singer, we ACCEPT them with our Metal Hearts! This will be a night band and fans will truly never forget. It could have been a real bummer, but Metal heads around the world know, we love our music and will give it our all until the end!

Here are a few images of Accept:

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