A Blumarelo Now Plays Among Us

A Blumarelo Now Plays Among Us

Out of Covid many wonderful things were born. One of those things is a band ready to keep the Toronto music scene warm and happy. Blumarelo is there name and I got to sit down with them and see how they will add their intricate fabric that makes up the layered textures of our complicated city. With two guys who were just hanging out during lockdown, they thought it was time to add a drummer to the band, and the new Spinal tap was formed. They went through many different drummers before they came across Shaba who hails from Uganda. Luckily none of their previous drummers died in a bizarre gardening accident, but somehow they did become ghosts…I will let you sit on that one for a while.

The sound they were shooting for was a combination of Indie, Funk and Samba. It is the Latin influence, the Samba sound that is the key ingredient that really helps Blumarelo stand out amongst the noise of today’s scene.  But like any good band they did have a Spinal Tap moment, where they played to a crowd of just their girlfriends, and they drained the battery power from the guitar so it stopped working pretty quickly. To top it off the headlining band pulled out of the show as well.

Like any hardworking band, they are working on new material. They are not fully sure if it will be an EP or are they going to stick around and go for a full album. The theme they are working with, is the process of moving into a new place. It works physically, spiritual and existentially. All the member come from different parts of the world, they are all trying to settle in a big city and they want to see where they can organically grow. Just to let you know they come from, as you read earlier, Uganda, Africa, The good ol’ USA , Mexico City, Mexico, and Sao Paolo, Brazil. Since Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, these storytellers should fit right in. Being an open community to stories, this band can bring richness to the scene with such diverse backgrounds and experiences.

As we Canadians know, we live in a place where there is darkness for a good part of the year as well as a cold that we endure. This band mostly comes from a warm climate and hopes to carry that sound within our city throughout the entire year. So on a cold day in February, if you become a follower of this band, you may want to go out in a snowstorm just to shake off those blues that we feel each and every year.

When I asked where they love to play, the Monarch Tavern came up as well as the Dakota Tavern. It seemed from the first show, everyone important to them showed up and even the girlfriends brought flowers to liven up the place. They threw the flowers as well as stuffed animals on stage. It felt like a Smiths concert. So, note to you followers, don’t bring rocks to throw or any Kraft dinner products at them. They did let me know if you happen to throw Mr Nooldes at them, they will be OK with that. They are starving artist that love instant soup.

Like any band in the city, I asked where would you love to play one  day and I quickly got Two, El Mocambo’s and the Danforth Music Hall. I also asked them who they would love to open for and I got Phoenix and Incubus. Their influences range anywhere from Pearl Jam to Wilco and a Norwegian Folk Duo called Kings of Convienience.

With that said, I finished off with something I may start calling (In the style of Barfly)- To all my fans. Don’t be afraid to come out to our show. Come and talk to us and get to know us. Well you can get to know them very soon. Come out Wednesday April 17th to Press Vinyl Café at 2442 Danforth Ave just west of Main Street. It will be an intimate show starting around 7pm, where you can hear their warm sounds and then go talk to them after the show. This is an ongoing and unique perspective you can experience every Wednesday. Go out and enjoy the music community that is being created in Toronto.

The photos taken were at:

Lynx Music Rehearsal/Recording/Repair

260 EmersonAve


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