20 days of Pavlo


Written by Joe Taylor

July 08, 2018

Well, I wished I would have seen Pavlo on his first day versus his 19th day of performing at The Jazz Bistro. I would have been promoting the crap out these shows for awhile now. I can admit I have seen and really knew his music before I showed up, but I showed up and his wife Sandra greeted me with a beautiful openness and I got an excellent seat for this show. So I waited just a few minutes and the band took to the stage to simply not only to blow minds wide open but to celebrate an odyssey of musical sound you do not hear everyday.

Even though Pavlo gets the spotlight, it is his other members that have to take great credit offering a strong spiritual energy. You have his partner in crime, Dimitrios Borgis playing the Bouzouki and the Baglama that totally complimented Pavlov’s master engineering of his guitar. You also were introduced to Gino Mirzio on percussion who play a wide variety of instruments to keep the show interesting. Then there was the truly entertaining Bass player Curtis Freeman who did a killer bass solo. This man knows how to slappa the bass.

The evening was filled with awesome Mediterranean sounds that had the crowd in a joyous mood, and eventually had them up and dancing. One of the highlights was watching the band walk off stage and play in the audience.  This party truly arrived!

Pavlo was celebrating 20 years of spectacular music and did a 20 day run at a beautiful venue. All I have to say is I now want to see at least 20 more years of this kind of performance and energy from a gifted artist.

To learn more about Pavlo go to… https://www.pavlo.com/

To see what is happening at The Jazz Bistro click on…. http://jazzbistro.ca/

Here are a couple pics from the performance:

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Danny Loves Music!

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