The Linsmore Tavern hired Hank’s Aluminum Siding

Hank's Aluminum Siding

Written by Joe Taylor

December 22, 2018

There is a laid back crowd enjoying some cold libations just before they go on Christmas break. They are curious to see how Hank’s Aluminum Siding will perform tonight. Now before I drag this repartee into the ditch, Hank’s aluminum siding is the name of the band playing tonight. They are a cover band and they seem to suit this venue quite well.

My first question is who’s Hank, because he is not in the band. It turns out there is no Hank…What! My second question is what possessed them to choose this name? It is kind of unforgettable. Well it turns out that it was an oddball moment when the guitar player saw an aluminum siding truck and had an inviting thought of being in the Deep South where the delta blues existed. The vision became a struggling young man with his business truck trying to endure  as the blues blared from his vehicle.

Like I mentioned earlier, they do a lot of cover tunes and a some of originals as well. Their set list looked a little like this.

Higher Ground

Brick House


Hit me with your best shot

You make loving fun/ Dreams

Piece of my Heart

Crazy little thing called love

One way or another, just to name a few.

Their third set was a host of original tunes. They finished with a fun number called Mexico. The neighbourhood crowd began to thin off into the night to prepare for one more day of work. He night was fun, the drinks poured easily and everyone seemed to enjoy a little time away from reality. Hank packed his truck and wearily drove off looking for a new place to raise his aluminum siding.

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  1. Dave

    That was a fun show and a good-sized crowd, although, sadly, I left before the final set and missed “Mexico”.


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