Päter- 4-7 Company

Päter- 4-7 Company

Written by Baby Butter

I put this album on and the opening was very simple with just some piano playing softly as if I needed to anticipate something bigger coming. Of course this opener is called “Clock Strikes Intro”…

Then I realize thick Chick is a little quirky and strange but as a rubber chicken, this was my style of music. “Nicotine Hallelujah” is an unconventional gospel song about the joys of smoking. What a wonderful heady rush as you let this song seep into your soul like a Player’s Light.

We then head to what seems to be Beach Blanket Bingo with “Something//Way”. It is like an invasion of the GoGo’s or the Bangles entering into your disturbed little mind. It’s like the way you dance when you are feeling fragile and dangerous.  Let’s do the Chicken Dance  together now.

Fear of the Dead almost seems like a nursery rhyme with nervous energy. The curiosity to face whatever it is is always there but the pit in your stomach keeps you in the dark. “Waiting” is similar in nature. It is that voice in your head that keep you feeling paranoid as you really know you need to face your future. The tension is palpable.

The next two songs seem to intertwine flawlessly. “Fomo” is a taunt that your inability to interact with life is not really affecting your life. It is that quiet voice telling you have a Fear of Missing out. It then blends in to a moment where you are not missing out, but your friends are not around to enjoy life with you.  “Moonshine”, has now become your only friend. The desperate ending is fantastic.

Side 2 gets better in my little egg headed opinion. I can’t get away from the thought that this could be a Tim Burton Soundtrack. It is slightly dark and demented but contains orchestral moments that blow your mind wide open. Take “Every Waking Hour”, the quiet opening sequence is solemnly creepy and then blows into a full on nightmare.

“I (Big this Room)”: My little chicken bones quiver at how good this song is. When fear grips you, it is amazing how perception changes immensely. How small you can fell when dealing with a mountain that may just may be a mole hill.

“Catching Cold” I totally get. Being featherless in Canada I can relate. This is how it must feel when immigrants come to our country from a place of warmth. A big country with plenty of cold can make you feel small. I am truly detecting a theme here.

“4-7 Company”, is a very introspective song dealing with momentary inner struggles. It has that idea of no matter what happens, this too shall pass.  We finally finish off with “The Withstanding Wonder”, is a personal gospel to one’s self to open up and continue reinventing yourself. It is a gentle song of hope and the need to seek happiness and peace.

This feels like an intensely personal album, but Pater’s lyrics are almost like having a close friend sitting next to you saying everything is going to be alright. Hey Now I am quoting Bob Marley. I knew there was some jerk chicken joke in there somewhere. At the end of the day I am truly laying a golden egg for this release.

You can find her music here. @päter | Instagram | Linktree

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