Minotaurs – Weird Waves

Minotaurs – Weird Waves

I have to start off this review with a short story. I told my girlfriend I was going to a review a party in the Junction to see a Band called Minotaurs. She jumped up and said, I saw them perform and Gord Downie came out and played with them, it was a great show! Well, with that said I had to drag my girl half way across town to try and have fun again. The show was plenty of fun and I walked away with this CD to review. Well, it was stuck at the bottom of my bag for awhile and then I listened to it and it didn’t seem to have that same live vibe. I decided to take my time to unravel this unique recording.

With that said, let’s talk about their latest creation, Weird Waves. Upon first listen, I am floating between two genres of music. There are hints of the great early 70’s acid rock period, mixed together with the 90’s House music. Let’s take for example the opening track, “Underground Age”. The opening notes you can find on any great Santana record pre 1975. Once the lyrics show up 3 minutes later, you fast forward to the 90’s and are tripping on the white man lounge music, filled with the drug of that time period. The horn section sounds like it is at a Myles Davis funeral, sad but present.

The next piece, “Stayed too long”, has a soulless beat that seems to ride the track quite well. They just stayed too long and they have nothing left. This trip seems meaningless until you hear the horns warming up, then you can wake from your coma and join in the meandering journey that promises you nothing, but you follow it no matter what…

The next track forces you back to life like an unwitting Frankenstein Monster. “Weird Waves”, is a calling of dark matters unto the soul that has been there and done that, and this is supposed to be the new adventure. It is kind of like the Monster Mash for those who need a new deal…

“Blind Luck”, starts off as a bad wakeup call that sends you through breakfast without eating.  Then you get sent off into a world you know nothing about on an empty stomach. It is foggy and confusing and somewhat stressful.  It is even hard to keep it real when reality is not showing up to give you a simple gift. The undertone sounds like a grimy city does not help when the pressure of this song is on top of you. Somehow the ego tries its’ best to move forward through the sludge of this energy.

If you survived that last song, the reward is, “Gold Rush Lady”. This is a song of comfort and content amongst a myriad of hidden dark rewards. “Anywhere you’re not is the loneliness place”, is the classic line for all you Eleanor Rigby’s out there. This is modern-day heavy shit for the forlorn. For all you coked up people leaving to go home and spend the next few hours watching TV in a void, I dedicate this song to you.

The last song on this EP is “Echoes”, and has a conclusive feeling to it as it speaks of past victories as well as the journey it took to get to this place.

This is a truly a departure from the fun loving band that you danced in front of, to a very cerebral band that challenges you mentally, as well as being and asking what path are you walking on your own now. This band is innovative and creative and have something to truly say. Yes there is nothing more fun than dancing to fun songs, but these guys are growing up and are asking their listeners, how are you doing. If you are a fan of Minotaurs, keep collecting their music, because I can see them being an important chapter in your life. “Where do you want us, to take you next since we are all growing up together”. Well, that is what I hear from this CD.

To hear more music from this amazing band go to http://www.minotaursband.com/


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