Kill Sid – The Lincoln County Sessions

Kill Sid – The Lincoln County Sessions

The first thing I want to say about this Ep, is they open up with that classic tape sound. If you own a cassette tape you know what I mean. This 6 song Ep is filled with some great classic Punk rock moments with a twist of humour that makes it worthwhile picking up.

The opening song “Now it begins”,  is your classic, in your face Punk attitude. This is real punk, not the fake punk they make you listen to on the radio. They dig a deep ditch to hell and give you an invite to join them. It is a great mix of Punk and Metal.

The next tune is, “Donkey Face”. This song is pure fun and comedy, if you are into that kinky thing. I can’t give away the premise of the song, because that would just spoil the richness of the joke. For this, you will just have to buy this EP and listen to the lyrics for yourself.

“Chow Time”, is simply a song you live for like a punk. When you live for Chow Time you sit on the throne of a Punk King…Nuff said.

I love this next tune because it opens like a classic AC/DC song and the vocals pull you back into that punk rock groove, without losing the AC/DC riff. I only wished that Bon Scott was still alive to help out on vocals.  It’s a long way to the top if you want to Rock and Roll.

Kill Sid then goes and starts a song off with some melody. It does eventually build itself into a sense of beautiful chaos and then adds a punk rock anthem that repeatedly punches you in the face. While you are soulfully bleeding , you can taste a little bit of Motorhead blood.

The last ditty on this EP is a tribute to the recording studio that made this recording possible. The tune is called “Lincoln County”, and it has a non-punk ending that seems to give this place its due respect. It has a feeling of warmth that other bands simply don’t do. Mind you ,the last note is pretty funny and still has some rebel attached to it, but I hope when Kill Sid records again, they will continue with this kind of finish. I think it will be their fingerprint on their recording to show appreciation to the process they are going through at the moment. Buy this EP just to figure out what I just told you.

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