Ghost Light – Experimental Journey

Ghost Light

Written by Joe Taylor

December 14, 2017

I arrived at The Tranzac and heard the band doing their sound check. It sounded like a surreal wake from a different dimension. Immediately I knew this band took every musical note seriously. This band is called Ghost Light and their sensibility came from beyond.

Their ritual began in a dark dank cave of sound and the setting was highly disconnected, but they kept stirring the cauldron and the energy was truly being emitted from the stage. Within two minutes of their music I regretted not smoking some weed before entering the show. This was going to be a remarkable sojourn. The room changed when the flute came out. It seemed to turn the sound like a backwards version of Magical Mystery Tour. Then the violin came out and it was played like a cello. I know it felt like I was witnessing Led Zeppelin when Jimmy Page got his bow and started playing his guitar with it. This room was created into a haunting searching for dauntlessness.  This forlorn energy lasted about 30 minutes. That is when the band took a short break for the second set.

The second half consisted of rubber bands, rattling toys and simply the joy of making noise. The tick tock of their masquerading clock indicated a new quest. The lethal bad brown acid that starts this new odyssey has you in a stranglehold that carries the elapsed and residual pain of the 1960’s. Their was moments of needing to find a sense of peace and rise to a metaphysical state again.

A musical circle opens up when a saxophone is presented and it begins a conversation of confusion. The singer finally takes over and took the audience over with what seemed like the silvery strings from Venus. Then a dictator shows up and decides to take over. What the hell was going on with this piece of music! Their was even a reference to a cosmic Pepsi. When this 30 minute of cosmic music was coming in for a closing, it felt like a slow supernova.

Ghost Light is not a band for top 40 people, but if you feel like you have an open mind for new sounds, this is a band you need to investigate. Before I finish this review, I met a very creative poet that wrote about his experience about this evening. I would love to share a different perspective on the same event. His name is  Miles Sharp, enjoy his words…

I Never had to carry weight like that on the donkey’s back.
The salts hold the spiritual fire; my eyes swell pink,
i can’t see in this darkness with you. give me the lines when i cannot speak.
The reflects of vision becomes so much cleaner. the smear is gone.
The Vaseliness is spotless in the moment to function.
Casting shapes into zero gravity the edges find them selves.
The Mystics have me in their sights, the light shines through the trees as i run through mud. They can’t pick up my scent. If I’m not anxious.
The skunk channels it’s reak through the pours of sweat that originate  from the hybrid moments. Stress becomes us. Let the straw burns in gasoline pouring wax on the floor we all share.I wouldn’t eat off it!
Slip beneath the frozen surface for a moment to feel the heat for real.
Sword of bees.
Smoke of Lion.

Here are some pictures from Ghost Light’s performance:

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