Don Stevenson- Limited Engagement Vol 1

Don Stevenson- Limited Engagement Vol 1

The man who used to drum for 60’s Rock outfit Moby Grape is now picking up a guitar and reinventing himself with a new CD of original music. 57 years after his moment with Moby Grape, Don sweetens the air with his charming rocking folk album. I have to admit I liked it the first time I heard it but it does sink in deeper with each listen.

His first song is quite an opener. It could very well be the final song on the CD, but being the first song called, “Thank You Lord”, you immediately feel his gratitude towards life and the fact that he is still here to enjoy it. The rest of the CD follows that theme with wonderfully warm themes and sounds and liveliness that wisdom brings you when you are getting older. The choir that is used gives this piece new gospel energy without sounding to much like gospel. It is filled with personal praise.

Next up is a true Canadian style pop song with all the pop style of Blue Rodeo meets the Beatles. I think Gord Downie would really have enjoyed this one.  The other themes have to do with love like the Lush and lovely, “Girl of my Dreams”. “M”, is soft and gentle with nothing but warm feelings.

City of God, is a classic little rockabilly tune that seems to have a hint of micro dosing to it. It is the new way to feel enlightened. While “Chicken Steak” is a quirky Country Rocker that has all that southern flavour to gets your mouth watering like Pavlov’s dog. I played this for Baby Butter, our resident chicken who normally reviews CD’s but she heard this song and felt sick.

If you like Mumford and Sons, this song will grab your fancy. It is another warm song about when a man’s energy is focused on that wonderful woman. It is a very huggable song. Speaking of huggable, “Shine” , is slow and warm and is like awaiting a beautiful sunrise to fall on your face and bath you for the day to come.

Even though you may consider Don Stevenson that old hippie, there is nothing tired sounding on this CD. He feels like a rejuvenated man with plenty of ideas and wisdom he would like to give to his listeners.  His simple message from “Keep on doing what you are doing”, is what you hear all your life. Do what you love and life will love you back. Find your passion and have a good time pursuing it.

When we get to the end of this journey, “In a lot of Ways” finishes off with the positive message that we are all different, yet we are all still the same. We all belong to humanity, so let’s remain humane together.

I met Don playing with Mrs Henry recently and he let me know he is hard at work creating Vol 2 already. When it comes out, I am sure he will throw a grand CD release party. So stay tuned and Blast Toronto will keep you in the loop.

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