Destroying the Natural Red Horses

Destroying the Natural Red Horses

Like the great comic skit from Gilda Radner who ranted on about the horror of destroying the natural red horses, and then being corrected and being told it was really about destroying the natural resources and she comes back with a simple…Never mind. Well this is something we should always mind, and that is the destruction of our horses.

There is an organization called Horse Rescue Angels and their mission is to save as many horses as possible from senseless slaughter and to find them a beautiful place to live out their days.  This organization consists of four women who are passionate about these majestic creatures. They are;

Valerie Shearman- Director, Co-Founder

Janeese Augot- Director, Co-Founder

Sharry Budd- Executive Secretary, Co-Founder, Fundraising Coordinator

Roxane DeLongo- Fundraising

Apparently horses go to auction and then go to slaughter. These women didn’t want that to happen so they pulled their talent together and devised a plan to create a foundation so horses could find an alternative to live out the rest of their natural days.  Janeese works at a stable called Fallbrook that rents out horses for horse riding pleasure. They are located at 14097 Ninth Line in Georgetown Ont.

There are steps to actually rescuing a horse. The first and obvious step is to rescue the horse and then develop a component for what is called equine assisted learning which is an assessment program to see how the horse is best suited to fit in the program. Could the horse work well with people with disabilities? It is a program to help build a strong relationship with a variety of people and to coincide with each other.

The poster horse for this program is a horse named Reggie. He is a perfect fit because he is so calm and docile and he works well with people with autism and other disabilities. So these women are creating programs for the public to interact with horses in a very positive manner. Some of the horses may find a new home to live out their lives. This is another way to help these creatures out, and horses that come in with serious health problems, will find a dignified way to finish off their existence in this world.

So where are the horses being kept once they are rescued?  They are brought up to Sunny’s Equestrian School at 11204 Kennedy Rd in Markham.  They are open 9-5 and it is a public facility. They have been working with this place for the past 2 years and the word is spreading as they grow. They are hoping to eventually create programs to bring in people with special needs by bus to bring them to the horses and create a day with food and transportation and build a safe environment for everyone.

We shared many ideas on how to build this foundation. They are thinking of trying out a comedy night at Yuk’s Yuk’s to bring more awareness to this cause, but tonight it was all about Rocking it out at the Rockpile Nightclub at 5555 Dundas Street west. I think they should call this event The Rocking Horse, are you with me on that one?

It was a fine Sunday afternoon and evening filled with a Hard Rocking bunch of musicians and horse lovers ready to help anyway they could. They had giveaways, they had a 50/50 draw, they had a silent auction, they had a raffle giveaway they had people donating their time doing temporary Tattoos and selling jewelry.  The big draw was the bands that came out to support this wonderful cause.

Max Brand brought his high rocking energy to the stage to get the crowd warmed up for a long day of killer music.

Sticks and Stones raised the bar with its own brand of hard rock and super crazy vocals that sometimes only a dog could hear. Sticks and Stones may break your bones but their sound will crush you.

The Konspiracy also brought their hard rock game to the table and their hair was flying so hard, barbers were walking out of the club defeated.

Dr Rock and the Assassins played original hard rock. These guys were loud and rough and street worthy. They had every stage move down and got the crowd riled up. They did finish with an AC/DC song that brought back the true power of Brian Johnson when he first joined up with the band back in 1980.

Ted Axe looked like a gothic stalker looking for trouble as he violated the stage like a hungry animal looking for a kill. The band played the audience like a Bobcat playing with its victim before having dinner.

Diamond Dogs delivered Bowie with the singer looking like a thin white duke. He delivered such classics like Suffragette City, Jean Genie and Ziggy and the Spiders from Mars. I will add quickly the guitar player was pretty wicked when he was soloing.

The Band Caves were a duo that ending up getting some backing support from Suzi Kory’s band during their set. They brought their flavour of Rocking Country with plenty of Pop hooks to please the audience.

Suzi Kory hit the stage saying “Who says Country can’t Rock”? Well she proved herself right as she strutted around with her Daisy dukes and invited the audience to come in closer. Let the line dancing begin! My favourite moment was when she got all diva on us and sang the classic song made famous by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty- “Stop dragging my heart around”.

If you wish to donate to Horse Rescue Angels Foundation to help save these horses from euthanasia
and unnecessary slaughter, you can go to their Go Fund Me at You can
also send directly to Horse Rescue Angels through an EMT transfer to Visit their website at and learn more
about this wonderful organization.

Here are some images from Red Horses:

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