Dante’s Burning up!

Dante’s Burning up!

Dante’s Burning up!

Dante Alaimo is a 4th year York University Student studying for his Bachelor’s of fine arts program and want to do an extra year to get two degrees. This guy is burning things up because he studies as hard as he plays. This is his musical journey so far.

Since the first year he began getting gigs from his cello teacher which led to more gigs. He got to be a pit man for the musical Beauty and the Beast, which led to work at a wedding, and then went and did a business gig from another musician.

I asked if he experienced any Spinal Tap moments yet. Since he is  so new to this scene, he only had good stories like, he has a friend who creates orchestral pop music, and he was invited to play along. His friend had such a good show; he went on to do a line of gigs with his musical travelling show. Dante continued to meet people that fed him some more work.

Since he has been doing different things with his music, I asked where he wanted his musical journey take him.  He is teaching music to others, but really want to become a musical songwriter and singer as well. He is putting together some original material and would like to record them in the near future. He is also learning the art of mixing, which by the way is a whole new way of thinking about music. He also plays other instruments to fully develop into a full scale production. His other instruments would include the Bass, Piano, Violin, and guitar.

Cello is creating a new noise with bands like Apocolypta doing Heavy Metal Covers. What would you like to attempt with the cello? Most Cellists’ tell me that you must look for your voice within the instrument. I guess I am still looking for mine. I am not crazy about being as strict with the classical side of music, where you have to read and play the notes exactly. I like the idea of improvisation, using ear training and playing off of other musicians, who are at the same level as you or even higher.

Who are your musical influences? Well so, there are a couple. One of my heroes is named Stephan Hauser, who is in a duet called Two Cellos. They are the ones that did Thunderstruck and then did the Game of Thrones theme. His tone and originality of how he plays is unique and I try to emulate him, while at the same time continue looking for my voice. The other influence is actually a vocalist named, Brendan Urie. He plays in a band called Panic at the Disco. He incorporates a lot of different elements in his concert with live instrumental improv and strong elements of Theatre. Another theatrical singer I love is Jeremy Jordan, because of the amount of control he has over his voice.

Now that you have some live experience under your belt, what is your favourite space to play in? I love being in recording studios. I was invited to play with a band called A Short walk to Pluto. These guys are all at the same level of playing and that is what is making them great right now. Blast Toronto Concurs…

I ran into a old friend and we recorded a mellow jazz piece together and it ended up in a virtual reality game. Blast Loves these kinds of stories. I never would have thought about that one. Toronto has a lot of great spaces, which one would you like to play? There is a place called the Supermarket and every Tuesday they have a free jam session. I haven’t gone on stage there yet, but I do meet a lot of musicians and it is a great place to network.

If I had to choose where I would play, there is a series of shows where you get to play in an intimate setting and it is lit just by candlelight. I would love to do that.

What are the final words you would like to leave the readers? Weirdly enough, music has completely taken over my life, and I feel it is the only thing that I can do to connect people. So if you see me please find a way to connect.

These are the words of a true up and coming artist, where the music will speak to people and keep us all together. This is probably the true essence of why people play music.

Here are a few images of Dante Alaimo:

You can follow Dante on … Instagram. Look for dante_alaimo.

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