2017: A Space Odyssey

2017: A Space Odyssey

There were two bands playing at Cherry Cola’s and created a musical journey for a small but open crowd. There were moments of nebulas and white dwarfs floating from spectator’s eyes.  These two bands are quite used to taking their passengers on a warp speed transmigration around the universe in 80 minutes. The bands I speak of are Jupiter Hollow and Devouring Saturn.

Jupiter Hollow is a must see band if you are into Progressive Rock and/or Heavy Metal. They opened with their mind blowing epic, Deep in Space. With that initial take off, you can find yourself exploring the cosmos with a new level of consciousness. The singer, Kenny Parry looked like a white Bob Marley. The audience was smiling because they knew this trip was going to be something special and unique.

Space is very vast, and these guys are at the helm of the spaceship. It is simply a choice of each audience member to know when they want to get on and get off. Each person in that room had their full attention gearing towards their own personal destination that these two musicians were creating on stage.

Here are a couple pics from Jupiter Hollow’s performance:

Next up, was Devouring Saturn, and their name did not disappoint. From their opening, they went straight into total crunch mode. It felt like a T-Rex standing on an asteroid and just simply, voraciously consuming you. As they went into their second song, you felt like you walked into a violent scene from the walking dead, and were just bashing the heads of every zombie you encountered. The only thing missing was that classic growling you hear in so many metal songs today.

The third song was their single, Belly of the Beast, and what a beast it is. They went into a mellow spacey piece called, Helios, which reminded me of something that, Nash the Slash would do. It was beautiful, mellow and had you floating in a slightly uncomfortable way. By the time they hit the middle of their set; they seemed to stall a bit but quickly recovered. By the time they went into Axis Mundi, they stepped up their prog game again and made this music sexy. That is not usually the statement you hear when you talk about progressive metal. It was heavy hitting with some great angry overtones and by the time you got near the end, you felt like you were stuck in a great loop, like Motorhead’s song Overkill. Devouring Saturn finished off their set with a nuclear warhead called Interius Tenebris.

Here are a couple pics from Devouring Saturn’s performance:

Overall, simply a night of mind blowing music that is setting the standard for other bands to step up their game. This is the kind of show you need to be seeing out in the clubs today. So, go and investigate these cosmic sounds that will take you someplace.

For More info on Jupiter Hollow, check out https://www.jupiterhollow.ca/

For updates from Devouring Saturn go to https://twitter.com/devouringsaturn

To catch who is playing Cherry Cola’s next go to https://www.facebook.com/cherrycolasrocknrolla/

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