Yiannis – Awakenings


Written by Joe Taylor

February 19, 2018

Yiannis recently released his third CD which gives his listeners a direct message. He wants to expand his talent worldwide. He still seeks a spiritual retreat, but wants his instrumental message to cross all kinds of borders. The sound is usually warm and inviting. This is Yiannis’ way of inviting you in to join in the relationship he is creating in his own empyreal design.

If you are not dazzled by his brilliant playing you can’t stop feeling his honest emotions flowing through. A song like, “Seven 8”, doesn’t just keep your head floating above the water, but extends it to the clouds.  Another piece like, “Energia”, is a wonderful gift that reaches down into your imagination and spirit and puts you onto a path of self discovery.

I may use some fancy phrasing, but I must because this music has a depth that can only respond to such wonderment and openness. Both “Illusions of the Heart”, and ,”Awakenings”,  are such examples of openness and understanding, that the listener simply can lay back in peace and have the sound waves wash over them.

Yiannis take his journey to the Middle East with pieces like,” A rose in the desert”, and,” Pharaoh’s Muse”. It is a caravan that carries you to places of awe and curiosity.

“Lost Victory” seems to be a competitive piece were the struggle lies within. The part I love the most is the middle section where you can feel the exhaustion building and you don’t know how to react next. From there we enter a “Passage which leads us to an, “Odyssey”. This is the crowning achievement of the CD. It is a magical piece that looks into the forum of different spiritual vivacity and split them up like simply throwing bread crumbs at pigeons. It is a hugely inward journey that we all need to take and have our own experiences comes through.

Just when you thought this CD came to an amazing conclusion, you are treated to two more traditional songs, sung by the lovely vocals of Elena Luka. The first one, “Past Lovers”, is a fun traditional song that has every musician on board having fun.  The next one, “Misirlou Music”, Elena comes back and swoons you with a very sensual romantic vitality as she draws you into her hypnotic spell.

Yiannis is definitely expanding his musical prowess and has a lot of ingenuity left to fulfill his lifetime. Start to pick up on his vibe right now, so you have a long relationship with this master live.

To find about more about his music go to… www.yktunes.com


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