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Ahmed Moneka Arabic Jazz

Written by Joe Taylor

June 30, 2019

I took a chance and went to see a band called Ahmed Moneka Arabic Jazz. I don’t think I have ever heard this kind of music before so what the hell…give it a shot. That is beauty about the Jazz festival; it is filled with so many flavours you can experiment with, and without the use of too many chemicals, unless you want to include dopamine on that list.

Well this seven piece band enters our space with a variety of styles and worldly knowledge. They started with a gentle grove to put us in the mood. With each song they seem to add another layer from different parts of the world, both location and mode of music. There was Jazz from different part of the world, leaning towards the Middle Eastern region, but you also had some reggae and sprinkles of the Blues thrown in. There were funky sounds from Africa as well. As the concert got deeper into their set, you just stopped trying to figure this out and just start delving into the new sounds that are now enrapturing your mind.

The closest thing I can say about this band is, what Santana did for Latin Jazz, these guys are doing for Middle East and African Jazz. The singer was very generous with his gratitude and he took a moment to empower the women in the audience with a song. That was when the party really began, because all kinds of women got up and started to dance freely to this song. Well each song after that just seemed to get better as the crowd kept getting up to join in this celebration. It was fun, free and a lot of happy energy was swirling around and going straight up to higher enlightenment.

The singer was very grateful for our warm passionate spirit. He mentioned they were one of four bands up for the rising star award. I know whom I will be voting for. Even if they don’t win, the singer should win for best hair award. I can’t wait to take my girl to see these guys next time they play around town.

Here are some images from Ahmed Moneka Arabic Jazz’ performance:

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