World Famous Tall Boys – NO.2

World Famous Tall Boys – NO.2

I must admit this was a unique experience. The CD started off like a Progressive rock experience and quickly kicks you in the face of a full on Punk Rock band. It contains heavy and speed metal elements as well. You quickly find out they just want to wail their frustrations on everything they dislike. The opening song, “I’m not Hispanic”, is the longest song on the CD, coming in at 3:39. All the other songs run from 0:09 to 3:29.

This band has a lot of to talk about, whether it is sex, drugs, rock and roll and even Santa Claus. The next song is called Drugs. It is self explanatory; they lay out the ground work for drugs like cocaine and even throw in some sex to keep you interested. They move your sexual preference into a “Minivan” for a little fun and even educate you to be a, “Pro Homo”. When they do the song, “Ow my balls”, please wear a jock strap.

This band is wonderfully brash and will challenge the Illumination of your dimness with other songs like, “Lifer” and, “Born on the 3rd”. My review of their song, “Fuck my Knee”, is ?

They even sing about other music like, “The 80”s sucked”, which I can agree to that one. They seem to love Nu Metal with their song, “I love Nu Metal”. They even threw in an anthem simply titled, “Whoa”. The lyrics run very intellectually deep.  Even Kris Kringle isn’t safe with this band with their final song called, “Santacide”.

World Famous Tall Boys are fast, aggressive, with a strikingly sharp sense of humour. They are especially reckless and will challenge the level of your dimness.  Be prepared for plenty of swearing and a lot of strong opinions. This band seems to like to take on many subjects that they hate.

To hear their sound go to

And download their music for only $3. That is a bargain, especially if you are into the Punk sound!

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  1. They have some new bass player who seems to add some youthfulness to the band. His style fits the band well. I think I saw him play chords at one point. I hope he stays. This band has a heavy case of new bass player syndrome.

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