World Famous Tall Boys – No. 2

World Famous Tall Boys – No. 2


Here is the great follow up to their smash debut CD No 1, the well place title…No 2! It make one ponder, if these guys just kept going, how high could they actually count? Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves and just focus on this brilliant display of esoteric idealism that delves into the moronic depravity that masks itself for some form of intelligence. These explorers of transcendental and profound universal questions would make anyone with the IQ of a used tissue question the social importance that all of humanity faces together today.

Deep social queries about ones ethnicity with, “I’m not a Hispanic”, looks at Canadian culture from a very unique perspective. They slip their proverbial tongue into delicate, almost romantic interludes with, “Baby Puncher”, “Drugs”, and, “Minivan”.


They even stretch the limits of our imagination with the EPIC song, “Fuck my Knee”, a deep look into the psychic pain we must all face at one time in our disintegrating life.  The Tall Boys also challenge some of the toughest social questions that have confounded humanity from the past millennia, with, “I don’t know”.

I am pretty sure they spotlighted this next song of one of our great Canadian artist, with the deep impacting lyrics that uncover the brilliance of the acting skill of Keanu Reeves, with “Whoa”.

Now this part can be the resplendent moment on their CD where they went beyond the call of duty and did a cover song. Not only did they have millions of song in history to pay tribute to, but they decide to decimate Bob Marley’s Iron Lion Zion. This could land them in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame or jail; I will let you decide that one.

In humbling respect, this is one of the Best Punk recordings I have ever listened to yesterday.  Fuck your knee and run down to your favourite music store and get a copy of No 2, it’s the one that comes after No 1.

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