Wipeout with Swagger and Chains

Wipeout with Swagger and Chains

As I descended the stairs of the Dakota Tavern, I could hear the caterwauling sounds of the opening act right way. These are the Swinging Pussycats and they sounded like they began swinging from the chandelier from the opening note. I was transported back to the 60’s with their groovy sounds and had Batman in my head as I watched him do his famous dance the Bat-too-si. I have no idea how to spell this word. Instead the crowd was dancing to the Cat-too-si. Again, I have no idea how to spell this word.

They brought me back to a swinging time, where I felt Lee Van Cleef was in the room with his six shooters doing spaghetti westerns with the guitar. Yes surfing the big waves of pasta in a Country bar. What an interesting night this was going to be. The guitarist was wearing his white tiger face and hitting the pipe just right as the female singer was purring her way through the songs like an outstretched cat ready to claw you at any given moment. I was waiting for Julie Newmar to show up at any moment in that tight skinned Catwoman outfit on and toying with the audience. My childhood fantasies were paying off big time with this band.

Their overall sound would best be described as energetically lazy. They kept you engaged and dancing but not hard enough to tire you out. They want you to feel like you needed some more. I particularly enjoyed their cover of “I fought the Law”. So if you ever want to feel like visiting the Kit Kat Klub, these guys will bring the catnip!

Here are some images of the Swinging Pussycats:

The surf got higher and more dangerous with the next band, Bloody Blue Darlings. This is a modern Surf band with Punk tendencies oozing from their tattoos. This is where you may see a skeleton tattoo jump off someone’s skin and headbang until his skull came loose. In fact the lead singer would clutch his mike stand so tightly and pull it back and forth with such violence; you’d swear he was choking one of those poor skeletons. This singer screamed like a baby in need of an ora-gelled filled pacifier. This is a full on garage band that makes no apologies for their harshness. The band even contains a living dead girl who looks like she is having fun beating you into submission.

If I had to describe them in your terms, I would say they are sludgy combination of Teenage head, Iggy Pop and some Gary Glitter thrown in just to spite you where you stand. I am not sure of the full title, but my favourite song from them had something to do with Vampires. It had enough pop quality in there as if it belonged on a deranged Kids TV show.

As they got to the last song the punk came back as hard as a brass filled knuckle sandwich. The last song had to do with a city. Well this city is on the verge of exploding into an apocalyptic disaster as you headed underground for some shelter. They let us know they are working on a new EP and it should be out soon. Punks, this will be a real keeper for your collection.

Here are some images of the Bloody Blue Darlings:

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