Who Is the Master of the Shred?

The Winner - Mike McAvan

Written by Joe Taylor

April 02, 2019

It’s a dark and windy Friday night, and The Coalition T.O. is warming up to welcome some of Toronto’s best Metal freaks to the 1st Annual Shredding competition.  There is a lot of talent in the GTA and tonight is the night to see who will be crowned the New Master of the Shred!  There are 18 guitar players ready to frazzle your brain and blow out your eardrums. These maniacs came for two reasons, bragging rights to be the best at devitalizing their rivals and to collect $1000 at the end  of the night!

The Coalition T.O. was packed with a partying crowd of serious head bangers that wanted to release their angst. The moment came when the first act hit the stage. To keep this contest fair, they went in alphabetical order. For those of you who think shredding all sounds the same, I would urge you to make it out to next year’s competition.  Each player had to show the level of their talent that included speed, technical prowess, melody, character stylistics as well as organized composition. Each player brought their “A” game and had fun with the fervent crowd. I won’t go into each performance because you would be reading this until tomorrow. The eighteen players were:

  1. Andrew Tee
  2. Chris Sokoloski
  3. David Shute
  4. Dylan McDonald
  5. Frankie Caracci
  6. Ilia Uretsky
  7. Jack Cerre
  8. Jeremy Jackson
  9. John Raposo
  10. Jordan Turnbull
  11. Luis Garcia
  12. Mike McAvan
  13. Mike Nasso
  14. Nick Lobodyycz IV
  15. Pat Rogers
  16. Ric Galvez
  17. Ryan Martin
  18. Stephen David Telehus

Below are images of the contestants in order of appearance:

Everyone played extremely well, just ask anyone who attended. Only four got to make it to the semi-finals. I think I did well because I chose three out of four to make it. Quickly I will review the four players.

  1. Frankie Caracci- When he plays, it’s like riding down a very twisted highway with an open throttle at break neck speeds.
  2. Chris Sokoloski- He has more of a funky metal edge to it. This sound is like being on a crazy amusement park ride.
  3. Pat Rogers- I am sure we have all done it, where we have just had too much coffee and you are wired and feeling erratic.
  4. Mike McAven-  Mike went into a full on Atom bomb explosion. Solid shredding for about five minutes. Not only did he bring home the bacon, he dragged in the whole friggin’ pig!

After much deliberation Toronto’s Master of Disaster is Mike McAver. He was very grateful in his thank you speech, giving big props to all the other guitar players and even throwing in the fact that his band’s name is Gypsy Rose. Blast Toronto wants to congratulate you on your victory, and as a side note, I chose him to win: patting myself on the back.

I can’t wait until next year to see some new players try and knock Mike off his pedestal; I wish you luck now, so you have a year to practice.

Here are a couple of pics of the “blasted” fans:

Competition brought to you by Karina Davy from Neurotic Entertainment. If you love metal like her Facebook page at … https://www.facebook.com/neuroticent/

Karina Davy
Host Karina Davy of Neurotic Entertainment

To see great Metal shows look no further than Coalition T.O. at… https://www.facebook.com/coalitiontoronto/

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