White Cowbell Oklahoma’s wild X-Mess Party

White Cowbell Oklahoma

Written by Joe Taylor

December 13, 2016

Well I tried to tell you to get your butts over to Lee’s Palace last Saturday. If you missed it shame on you for not allowing yourself a night of pure pleasure and laughter.  White Cowbell Oklahoma hit the stage as a great southern fried Rock band. Their inbred sound is quickly infectious and their stage presence is like going to church drunk and throwing up on the pews and congregation.

Some of the antics consisted of a flaming cowbell, dancing girls in tassels, a very drunk Santa free pouring Jager down the throats of the audience and acting extremely rude with plenty  of body gestures.

I recall chainsaws and toilet paper. They even found Fidel Castro alive and well. Throughout the evening, WCO tried to teach Fidel the true meaning of Christmas. Fidel was very difficult and pissed off the audience for most of the evening.

That’s all I am going to tell you, because there was enough debauchery to last until next X-Mess. So heed my words and come next year to see what you have been missing for 13 years now!

View images from the White Cowbell Oklahoma performance below:

By the way, the opening band, Doghouse Rose kicked serious ass on that stage. The best way I could describe them is that they are a hard rock bluegrass band with excellent taste in t-shirts.

They are a four piece band that consists of:

Sarah “The Punk Rock Cowgirl” Beth – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jefferson “MegaJeff” Sheppard – Lead Vocals – Bass
Iain “The Bourbon Baron” Leslie – Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Jordan “Dirtbag” Zagerman – Drums

The drum solo is worth coming out for. I have never seen a drummer play a drum kit and an upright Bass at the same time. Also, I have never seen an upright bass use as a platform or thrown around in the air before. This was the perfect opening band that deserves a chance for  headlining and playing bigger venues. These guys know how to rock.

For more info on Doghouse Rose, go to http://www.doghouserose.com/

View images from the Doghouse Rose performance below:

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  1. Lorenzo

    WCO put on a show for the ages
    2 chainsaws shredding don’t need to say anything more!!!


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