White Cowbell Oklahoma’s Christmas to you

White Cowbell Oklahoma’s Christmas to you

White Cowbell Oklahoma is bringing their own special Raunch and Roll show to Lee’s Palace on Saturday December 10th. If you are a homey tea drinker that doesn’t go out much, this is not the show for you. There will be an ambulance ride ahead of you.  There are enough antics that go on stage that Santa can cross off a few hundred people off the nice list. I won’t give anything away, but this pilgrimage is a very special one, and if you are a virgin to this performance, be prepared to be sacrificed by impaired and churlish behavior. This is truly not your traditional Christmas party, so slap on your chaps, grab your cowboy hat and prepared to wake up for work Monday morning , because Sunday will not exist.

White Oklahoma X-MessBT- How long have you been playing together?
WCO- White Cowbell Oklahoma have been performing together since the 17th Century. Well, we went through a baroque period too, but we don’t really talk about it. Undead, you see.

BT- How did you come up with the name?
WCO- There was already a Black Oak Arkansas. So, to avoid confusion we picked White Cowbell Oklahoma.

BT- When touring where do you normally play?
WCO- Scandalous halls of depravity, sordidness and mirth. If it has a stage and a PA, even better. An audience? Paradise.

BT- Are you the only band that has a flaming cowbell?
WCO- We took a page from Gene Simmons and applied a patent (pending).  But there are other stupid people out there, so who knows?

BT- Where do you derive your inspiration from for your kind of music?
WCO- When trying to figure stuff out, we ask ‘what would they have done in 1973?’ We know all about that year. Little else, though.

BT- I have been to a few of your Christmas shows. How long does it take to put together those shows?
WCO- WCO have an army of orcs and Christmas elves working overtime to bring you premium filth and sleaze. No effort is too much for our dear populace.

BT- What is the deeper message you want to give to your audience?
WCO- That they must emancipate themselves from the shackles of morality. Toronto the Good, no more!

BT- What would you like to do in the future?
WCO- Travel time. Backwards. From the future.

BT- Where would the ultimate place for you to play?
WCO- Atop a spinning, giant six-pointed throwing star, levitating in the upper stratosphere. With the most degenerate, awesome PA system ever assembled at that altitude.

BT- Who would you love to open up for?
WCO- My therapist. But she just keeps taking my money. We never really ever resolve anything. All that undead business…

BT- Can you give us any hints about your upcoming show in Toronto?
WCO- It’s going to be an unprecedented spectacle of sight, sound and vibration. It will make you go off in your pants. All of you. It’s disgusting.

BT- Where is the sleaziest place you have ever played?
WCO- There are un-sleazy places to play? It’s kinda a blur after all these years now.

BT- Do you have any good Spinal Tap moments?
WCO- I’ve never met them, actually. But I do love “Saucy Jack.”

Check out White Cowbell Oklahoma this Saturday at Lee’s Palace. It will be the best X-Mas present you ever gave yourself.

Check out their website and their new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7HQKf6JbJY

Check out their own website at http://www.whitecowbell.com/website/

For more info on Lee’s Palace go to http://www.leespalace.com/

Here are some images of the band:

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