Triple Treat at Hugh’s Room

Triple Treat at Hugh’s Room

I was very excited to finally visit the new Hugh’s room at 296 Broadview Ave. The last time I was at this well established music venue was when they were on Roncesvalles and I just happen to be there the day before everything shut down due to Covid.  So it has been a four year journey to find my way back again to this venue. It is fresh and new and they are still working on the final touches. The President made an appearance and explained how they are going to sustain this new location. I am excited that they are still working on placing the speakers on the wall for the best sound that they can create. Even with the speakers on the floor the sound is still pretty spectacular. They will be including a fresh new light show that promises to be appealing to our eyes. He spoke of some other plans in the works that will sustain this fantastic new space. With that said they are working hard to put on about 150-200 shows for the 2024 season. This is a project that will not quit.

With that said, I was lucky to witness Suzie Vinnick live, fresh from her Maple Blues award win for acoustic act of the year. She brought two friends along, Charlie A’Court from Nova Scotia and Lloyd Spiegel from Australia.  Suzie came on first and with a single bass she began the evening with the classic blues song, “Everyday I have the Blues”. Then out of the blue, a booming voice came out of nowhere and the entire audience began looking around to find nobody there. Suddenly from the back of the room came Lloyd singing harmonies with Suzie. Now that was an entrance! Then out of the blue, form the back of the room another strong voice began harmonizing with the two of them. In walks Charlie and instantly you can feel the entire audience smiling ear to ear. This was going to be something special.

Very soon after that Charlie A’Court was alone on stage and it was his turn to do a couple of his songs. It was his story telling that got people in that open and chilled mood. I personally loved his story of a place called Pizza Corner in Nova Scotia, where there were three pizza places on each corner and a church on the fourth corner. Is this a place of redemption via pepperoni?

When it was Suzie’s turn to do a couple of solo songs, she went into a story about a place on Hornby Island that is kinda famous for its mango pies. The deeper question is how do you get mangoes on a small island that are two islands east of Vancouver Island. You are pretty far out and yet there is a person that can just whip up a mango pie overnight. Well if you signed your name up for Suzie’s newsletter, she has the power to send you the recipe for that mango pie.

Lastly for the third solo performance, we had the Aussie, Lloyd Spiegel, who opened up with very intense guitar solo that woke everybody up. This guy can really grab your attention and keep it, because when he begins to tell his stories, it feels like you have just entered Yuk’s Yuk’s.  This guy has a very sharp sense of humour. He should just write a book about his stories or recreate a reality show based on his observations. Did I mention this guy is a wicked guitar player? He can really bend sounds like Beckham.

Half the show was built on great story telling and the songs were equally as good. They came back on for a second half and did an instrumental called El Fuego that was pretty spectacular. They did another powerful song about a terrorist attack in Belgium. Charlie A’Court just happened to be there when it happened and they debated on cancelling the show. The people involved decided to do a free show and twice as many people showed up in solidarity to show that they refuse to live in fear. It was incredible music and stories like this that truly connects an audience with deeper sense of self, purpose and reflection. Lloyd did a song on that old familiar theme of how corporate people and artists will always be in conflict with one another. When management people who have no time to listen to an artist of can appreciate what the artist is doing, they really have no business trying to sell a product they have no real gift for. Lloyd made an observation that people like this are usually seen wearing alligator shoes. It is quite an interesting point of view and a very cool song.

The evening wrapped up with a cover songs by Billy Preston, “Circles” Not only is this a sublime song, I felt it was a perfect ending to this song circle from three very talented artist that really get each other.

Here are some images from Hugh’s Room:

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  1. It was Lloyd Spiegel who was in Belgium during the attack. Charlie was the first person he spoke to on Skype after the attack.

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