Travelling with Mark Rainey

Travelling with Mark Rainey

In the heart of Roncesvalle there is a dark and cozy club called Gate 403. As you begin to settle in, Mark Rainey quietly slides behind a piano and creates Spanish sounds. Before you know it, you are longing for Cuba. Mark throws you on a plane and you find yourself in Brazil next. His third song is called Voyage, and I wonder where I am headed next. It is a wonderfully extended piece that finds his band exploring varying spaces. It truly is an extraordinary voyage.

Mark slips into a great Rogers and Hammerstein’s ballad, and then passes you a cerebral drink with Thelonius Monk’s, “Straight, No Chaser”. This journey just keeps on getting better. Mark’s band seems happy when they get to explore their internal range.

Mark comes off like your friendly next door neighbor, who is always there to cheer you up. His clean smooth pipes and his sense of freedom, make the journey worth travelling.

View images from the performance below:

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