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Anastasia Minster

Written by Joe Taylor

December 29, 2019

There is a new movement in the underground scene of Toronto. It quietly lives in people’s homes, in places of business and any space that can accommodate artists and an intimate audience. It feeds on the creative energy of artists from various parts of the city. It lurks stealthily in the psyche of the adventurous explorers who live for the taste of new lifelines of vital fluid for our soul.

This is a unique platform called, “Artery”. Simply put, it is a website where an artist and a host can organize a happening somewhere in the city for a specialized audience that can come out and witness original art in an original setting. Now that doesn’t mean this is open to a select few, it is open for anyone who are looking for a new experience in the arts. It could be music, or poetry or comedy. It could also be people who do yoga or teach a specialized class in a creative field. These possibilities are growing on the website.

You can sign into the site as a kind of member, choose the event that interests you and you can purchase a spot to the event. The gathering may only bring in 12-30 people only for an event. I may be a little off with these numbers, so I apologize ahead of time. I went to an event last week and about 25 people were there. Once you purchase a spot you will receive an email with the address of the event. This should deter people who just want to show up and overcrowd the event.

I will get you more information once I have secured an interview with the organizer and delve deep in how all this can work for you. I can tell you the concept is unique and the event I attended was very lush with the people who also showed up. Not only was the event a success but the ability to make new friends and talk with the home owner and artist was something pretty special. If you are the kind of person who enjoys meeting new people and seeking out interesting events, this may be a new venture for you to open up to.

The event I attended was put together by a young Russian singer/songwriter who engaged us in her haunting melodies on a piano. She invited a cellist to accompany her and added a layer of richness to the performance.

The artists name is Anastasia Minster and the cellist was Beth Silver. Together they brought together a kind of gothic chamber music that would quiet your soul as you breathed in every note that was being played. It was beautifully awkward as the songs came to an end, and the audience was soaking in the final note, nobody wanted to clap and break the apparition that sat and floated in the middle of the room. It would have like scaring away a lovely spirit that has lingered in front of you for a warm period of time. Once the applause hit, you could feel the chagrin of everyone in the room as they join in the rapture of appreciation. This happened with just about every song Anastasia played throughout the evening.

She played some of her material from her last release, “Hour of the Wolf”, but focused on her new material that will be out early in 2020. She promised there is a band behind these songs which will add richness to the overall sound, but how lucky are we as an audience experiencing this music for the first time. I am a luck recipient of her, “Hour of the wolf” release and now I look forward to grabbing her latest musical offering when it becomes available.

Just when you thought this evening couldn’t get more special, Anastasia announced this was her birthday gift to us. She claimed she is looking good for 3 years old. Well we couldn’t leave her hanging without a sweet and joyful rendition of, “Happy Birthday”. The host of the evening even brought out her very own cake, and yes she ate it too. After the music was over, nobody wanted to leave this delightful space in Toronto, so we grabbed a glass and wondered around and made new friends. The obvious two questions would be, “Is this your first Artery experience”? The other on is how do you know the artist? With those two question people stayed and amused each other. I am sure there were exchanges of information and asking what will be the next Artery show you will be attending. I know I will be on the lookout for new talent this way. Blast Toronto will have a feast with this new avenue of experiencing music.

Here are some images from Anastasia Minster’s performance:

If you would like to learn more about this original way of appreciating the arts simply go to

To learn more About Anastasia Minster’s music go to


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