Tintamare – Theoreme Du Nombre Critique


Written by Joe Taylor

November 08, 2016

Tintamare is a band from Montreal and are making their way into the hearts of new Toronto fans. They were here to support their new album, “Theoreme Du Nombre Critique. When you first put this CD on, you can’t help but notice its French Cabaret charm. The more you delve deeper into this joyous romp; you begin to differentiate a wide variety of sounds. Tintamare have an incredible ability to use world music and slip it into their sound.

Here are a few examples of what you might hear; you get some Ska moments, as well as some Funk. When you get to their song, “Downtown”, you can hear the slightly sleazy charm of Tom Waits. Somehow you never want to leave. There are also plenty of Om Pah Pah moments, that will keep you dancing. You can walk into a New Orleans party and then find yourself do the tango or a little bit of salsa.

This is high energy music that can change on a dime and keep the listener interested throughout all the different musical interludes. The song, “Cataractes”, gets you so pumped up, that you want to create your own mosh pit. It is energy like this that will keep you coming back for more. There are moments you want to do a traditional Russian dance fully equipped with you yelling, “HEY”! There are show tune moments and Middle Eastern moments with great accordion leads. There is even a moment where you feel the Carpathian Mountains surrounding you as you look for a vampire to dance with. Creepy was never so much fun with a funeral march that has you so thirsty for a bloody Mary.

They finish off with a little insane operatic vocal piece. It is so highly infectious that you may want to visit your doctor for a shot in the arm. You will not have to do that because this kind of CD will ward off all evil spirits. Tintamare is a 10 piece band and utilizes every instrument and musician to the best of their ability. Everyone has a chance to shine on this CD, and you will find that when you go and experience them live.

To learn more about this amazing band, go to www.tintamare.org

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