There are Byrds in the Redwood

There are Byrds in the Redwood

If you haven’t heard yet there is a new music venue in town and the place is pretty spectacular. The Redwood theatre is located at 1300 Gerrard Street and is ready to make its mark on the Toronto music scene. As Blast Toronto, I was happy to give away some tickets so a new audience could walk into this space and enjoy its openness and quality of sound. The feedback I got was that of excitement and gratitude.

This evening was filled with a roomful of happy and peaceful hippies ready to get psychedelic with the amazing tribute band Byrds, Byrds, Byrds. This is a band filled with marvelous veteran musicians. For me what made this band special was the fact that these players are true fans of the Byrds and it shows up in their performance.

The other reason what made this evening special was the light show. The band decided to go old school and do a full out psychedelic light show that you would see back in the 60’s. I give full props to the two lighting technicians who put this together because the set up of these two stations looked like something out of a mad scientist’s lab. There were laptops, old school projectors and overhead projectors that had clear plates and different coloured paints to create those beautiful blobs on the screen. The technician’s finger looked like it would take a week to clean by the end of the evening.

The other reason what made this evening special was the audience. Most everybody was dressed up like the true hippies that they want to be. It looked like a finger painting that threw up on everybody. As the band got deeper in their set, that dance floor was a mass of waving arms and free style moves that I would describe like wavy gravy.

The other reason that made this evening special was Byrds, Byrds, Byrds. They did two sets of music that consisted of over 30 songs from this iconic band. Song’s like, “Turn, Turn, Turn”, “All I really want to do”, and “Mr Spaceman”, and were some of the highlights that this audience was really digging . Andy Maize, on tambourine was showing us his love by dancing the only way Andy Maize knows how to do. The excitement in Cleave Anderson’s drumming reminded me of Animal from the Muppets, especially when he was pounding away on “Eight Miles high”. The other members were happy and cool as a cucumber as they worked like a well oiled machine of pure precision. The vocals and harmonies were clean and crisp and sounded just like the Byrds.  

One of the highlights of the evening was the band invited their friend Jerry Leger up on stage to do the song “Circles”. His voice fit right in with the song and added that extra flavour to the evening.  The other flavourful moment was when they did Mr Tambourine Man and that dance floor was filled up again by all those long haired freaky people. I was joking with a bunch of female hippies, that this place would look great if they ate some mushrooms and they threw it back that they were all microdosing. I guess you have to taper it back when you get older. All in all it was a love fest that we all needed and I know I made a lot of new friends. The vibe in the Redwood can do that to you. This will be a very magical place for all of Toronto to come out and visit.

As a side note, another reason that made this evening special was that one hour before performance, there were a pair of dancers from Eastside 6 Dance who were giving dance lessons before the show. If you were there with your partner, this was a great opportunity to improve your special moves with your partner. I gave it a shot with my wife, and I have to admit, it was a ton of fun and it just made my date night with my wife that much better. So bring your dance shoes next time you go and just cut loose from the routines and stresses we have from day to day living  and create some new moves in your life.

Here are some images of the Byrds:

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  1. It was a fantastic show!!! Wonderful music by some of Toronto’s best! Great write up… kudos to Blast Toronto!

  2. It was a great time Saturday night. An excellent tribute to The Byrds. Good vocal harmonies and musicianship. Oh yeah, very cool light show. Also a great venue. I definitely would like see more shows at The Redwood Theatre.

  3. As a Byrds fan since I was 12 years old in 1965, I would love to attend such a concert here in Los Angeles where it all started. Going to see Mr. BYRD, himself, Roger McGuinn in concert in 2 weeks up in a historic theater in Saratoga, California. Don’t know if I’ll be able to contain myself.

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