The Sarah Thawer Band Attacks Hugh’s Room

The Sarah Thawer Band Attacks Hugh’s Room


It’s a Sunday afternoon and the weather is great. It’s a grand time to chill out to some relaxing jazz in Roncesvalles. Well that didn’t happen, instead, the dedicated audience was audibly assaulted by the raw and unfiltered talented of The Sarah Thawer Band. Her drumming sounds like an under produced animal who drank 6 Red Bulls for breakfast. She opened with a piece called “falling up”, which is the inspirational way of not failing.

This woman seems to trip through some of her rhythmic patterns and eventually resolves them into what we would consider normal changing time signatures. Her sloppiness is highly organized. She has the look of happy determination, like a wild cat right before she pouches on her dinner. This woman is simply ferocious.

What makes Sarah stand out is that she has a huge collection of rhythmic styles that she like to push into your face. She can be a little relentless. Kind of like a bully trying to shove a musical box shaped encyclopedia straight down inside your ear canal.

Her style flies from straight forward bat to the head kind of poundings to, simply unusual, to challenging the listener to a battle of the beats. It can be both explosive and highly exploratory.

Her last couple of numbers seemed a little more straight forward, almost giving her audience some breathing room. She wasn’t shy about rocking it out though. She even kicked over her floor tom in the fashion of a Keith Moon moment.

I have been lucky this past year seeing some absolutely great drumming talent that Toronto has been famous for. Being the Godfather at the top of the heap is the Great Neil Peart.  His legacy will live on because I am now seeing the drum sticks being picked up and trying to fill the great void that Toronto is going through now. Maybe I will do a piece on the awesome drummers that Toronto is producing right now. Sarah truly belongs on this list.

Here are a few images from Sarah Thawer’s performance:

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Check out her website…

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