The Return of the Toronto Tonto’s!

The Return of the Toronto Tonto’s!

The first thing Bob Wegner said to me was these four members of Max Webster haven’t been in the same room for 43 years. This line up would consist of Kim Mitchell, Terry Wakinson, Dave Myles and Gary McCraken. “It was like getting the Beatles Back together again”, said Bob excited as I walked in a packed room of 70’s Progheads at the Revival on College St. The room was packed with the same minded people that grew up on Max Webster, myself included. They were the first band I ever got to see. I was 11 years old and my sister organized a  show at her high school. These were great days when our favourite bands were breaking into the market and had to do the High School circuit to gather their first fans,

The energy was electric with excitement as I was walking in with my Max Webster album-“Live Magnetic Air”. People were stopping me before I got in and were telling me their Max Webster stories. I heard at least 3 stories before I made it to the front door. As I entered I was warmly surprised to see the place so packed, that I had to squeeze my way around the room. I first spotted Terry Wakinson and had him sign my album. Soon after that I found Kim Mitchell being mobbed by everybody! As I was adjusting to this packed room, I saw a close friend pick up a camera and started shooting with a sense of purpose. It was all four members together with Bob Wegner posing for THE photo op of the evening!

What made this evening even more fun was seeing other Max devotees who probably played with them or connected with them in the past. I saw Guitarist Dave Barrett, Cameron Hawkins from the band FM, Drew Masters from MEAT Magazine and Max Brand, high energy singer. As the evening progressed Dave “Mars Bar” Marsden got on stage and answer questions about the band. If you don’t know Dave, he is a well informed fountain of knowledge when it comes to music. I used to listen to his meanderings on the radio and really enjoyed his show.

This whisperings I kept hearing throughout the room was how Bob raised the bar when it came to biographies. His book is a well preserved museum piece on one of the most under-rated and well loved bands in Canada! The binding, the photos and the layout of the book is something you want to buy once and show it off to every music fan you meet. If you missed this historic event, you can still pick up a copy of this masterful piece of History.  You simply have to go to

P.S.- Bob’s party was higher than the Eiffel Tower!!!

Here are a few images of the Max Webster event:

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