The Not so Grim Reaper

The Not so Grim Reaper


Well I am going to be very blunt in this opening statement. I went to see Grim Reaper at the Rockpile. I was excited to see a classic early 80’s Metal band that I have enjoyed over the years. I never really kept up with them over the years and really thought they did not exist anymore. This was my chance to catch them live.

When the new young players hit the stage I was waiting to see Steve Grimmett do his thing. What I saw was an aging rocker, no surprise there, with one leg and a cane to help him around on stage. My first thought was that he literally had one foot in the grave and the band’s name was Grim Reaper.

 That merciless thought was soon displaced by the small but voracious audience that were yelling and singing at the top of their lungs. They were here to relive some great classic metal that seems to be thinning out as time goes by. The opening song, “Rock you to Hell”, got this crowd totally pumped for what was to be on hell of a fun evening. Singer Steve Grimmett seemed to be enjoying himself, knowing he still has a very loyal following from across the pond. Other classic sing along songs were, “Lust for Freedom, and “Dead on Arrival”!

This Thursday night crowd did not care that they had to wake up for work the next morning. Even with a hangover they would be able to survive Friday and then go into a long weekend to recover. There was even a guy next to me that drank three pitchers of beer during the show. I had to move during his third trip to the bar.

Anyway, I digress, the show was laden with old classics like, “Fear No Evil”, “Wrath of the Ripper”, and, “All Hell let loose”. If you weren’t having enough fun yet, the band invited on stage two of the best shredders Toronto has to offer. We had Franc Potvin and Mike McAven showing off what they love to do. Soon after that more people from the opening bands showed up on stage and Wowed the audience with a classic 80’s Metal Anthem. This was the Metal community’s contribution to Live aid back in 1985, with the song “We’re Stars”. Everyone in attendance participated in singing the chorus to this one. Steve told me later he had three days to rehearse this one and perform it with Toronto musicians whom he just met. What a pro. Steve then paid homage to the late great Dio with, “Don’t talk to strangers”. The night ended with their classic song, “See you in Hell”. Gauging this crowd’s reaction, they were all willing participants to take that journey. By the end of the night it felt like a bunch of inebriated friends gathering in a basement for a good time and Steve was leading the sing along. Now that wasn’t so Grim was it?

Here are some images from Grim Reaper’s performance:

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