The Minotaurs, Soars…

The Minotaurs

Written by Joe Taylor

May 28, 2017

The Junction City Music Hall is becoming a beacon of the great music that comes through Toronto without being in the Downtown core. It was the host of three distinct musical talents. The opening act was Ward/Gooch. They started the show sampling droning sounds and wrapping their sound around it. It was like having a 25 minute intellectual conversation on outdated prescription drugs during a 21st century schizoid waltz. It had beat box moments as well as sounds of what felt like a dying elephant. It was horrific and engaging at the same time. The band consisted of a trumpet player and a trombone player, and there was nothing rusty about these two guys.

View an image from the performance below:

Next up was a band called Bunny. They came out sounding like a happy 60’s Pop Band. They had a high flying sound that took you through different decades. You had moments of fine 50’s ballads where you could feel the cashmere sweater urging you on to hold her a little closer.  There were moments you could swear you were at a drive-in with you arm around your date and trying to make it to second base. They eventually slid into a laid back groove with nothing but positive notes. Bunny’s style ran around 3 decades of music from the 50’, to the 70’s. They have great pop sensibility as well as wonderful hints of Country tones. They even hit some large atmospheric areas with a song they called Dumb ending. There was nothing dumb here; it was soaring like a helicopter on jet fuel. They finished their set with two members of Minotaurs playing some horns. This band is truly accomplished with musicians that own some quirky overtones.

View images from the performance below:

It is now 11:45 and The Minotaurs hit the stage. The first thing you notice is the wave of great energy you feel from each band member. The only way I can describe the first couple of songs is, “What if Carlos Santana joined the Band Chicago”. This is what we are going to be involved with. The audience doesn’t seem to mind because the dance floor is already packed. It begins with happy feet and then becomes food for your soul. This is the kind of high energy that Toronto needs to pack every club on almost every night of the week. This is the kind of show, if you are not up and dancing you are dead!

This 9 piece band sustained a level of energy that kept the party going all night long. They are very Bohemian in the kindest way and the atmosphere was very positive and fun. I did notice that the trumpet player added a little spice to the show. Whenever he was not playing he would entertain us with his dance moves. I think what I loved about this show was that there was no player that was standing out as the best player. They all worked in a rhythmic harmony that you just had to be there to dance your ass off and have a good time with them.

After the show, I had a chance to speak to a couple of the musicians and was very surprised to find out that this band was only 4 years old. The creative energy they put out felt like that were veteran rockers. Now that you know this is a young band, go out and attach yourself to this band that will have a very joyous and rumpus future for years to come.

View images from the performance below:

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